Crusader Crossword Express – Solution List – 30-September-2022

Daily solution for the Crusader Crossword Express – Solution List – 30-September-2022. The Crusader Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
The others holding coach harness RESTRAINT
Official desk to cart around BUREAUCRAT
Loud in an anarchic way, and no mistake FLAWLESSLY
Husband moved son out to a city HOUSTON
Broadcasting, performing tune  ON AIR
Drunken fool embracing king, bound together TIGHTKNIT
A student pursuing new topic of sight OPTICAL
Apply pressure in the hallway LOBBY
Shanty cop – terrible yes-man SYCOPHANT
.Manage to get some drinks in deceitful treatment RUNAROUND
.Lad’s tardy performance is villainous DASTARDLY
.A thick piece, turned wood BALSA
.African chap has new attempt ANGOLAN
.Got scar assembling childish conveyances GO CARTS
.Leaving competitors behind before kickoff  AHEAD OF THE GAME
.Copied primate and daughter APED
.Make burn BRAND
.Greatest artist has sharp interior TART
.City can start jangling TINNY
.Came in a convertible – feeble ANAEMIC
.Follows method in beastly competition DOG SHOW
.Smell right inside that’s sharp PRONG
.Pope forms ties to city-dwellers URBANITES
.Overhear complaint and get sick CATCH COLD
.Food – allow cute recipe after shipping hazard  ICEBERG LETTUCE
.Small argument, formal STIFF
.Supernatural being left in jeopardy PERIL
.Stunt man challenged wickedness DAREDEVIL
.Smart, carrying a hatchet CLEAVER
.Gold trees, terribly plain  AUSTERE