Crusader Crossword Express Answer List – 19-September-2022

Daily solution for the Crusader Crossword Express Answer List – 19-September-2022. The Crusader Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Castigate hooligan about cinders  LASH OUT
Reportedly split part of gun BREECH
Persuasive queen wandering about – behold time ELOQUENT
Believe in solvency CREDIT
Register alien dog BASSET
Era not quite so evergreen AGELESS
Invader is new, Roman-style NORMAN
Throw away support SLING
Gets seat rearranged in scenery  STAGE SET
.Decisive moment, when to leave a gratuity  TIPPING POINT
.Retain raw ingredients, like clear liquid RAINWATER
.Family to dismiss massacre BLOODSHED
.Unusual desire to live RESIDE
.Detailed description is about English type SPECIES
.Betting tapered off in use of radar  SPEED TRAP
.Struggle to categorise conflict  CLASS WAR
.Burn key vegetable CHARD
.British woman and anger – it’s drink BEVERAGE
.Guide a bull STEER
.Old, learnt about outside EXTERNAL
.Acceleration moved frog onto church G FORCE 
.Food riots to develop RISOTTO
.Friend has five eggs for dessert PAVLOVA
.Patriot to tire and falter FLAG WAVER
.Allocate new penny as regular payment DIVIDEND
.Officers rushed to corner shop  GENERAL STORE
.Bigger bills include pet GERBIL
.Circular sandwiches ROUND
.Women’s rowers provided gravity WEIGHT
.Profane, removing heart of the instrument first VIOLATE