Crusader Crossword Express Answer List – 22-September-2022

Daily solution for the Crusader Crossword Express Answer List – 22-September-2022. The Crusader Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Former spouse quoted as being thrilled EXCITED
Wise man, naive in the shade SAGE GREEN
Soldier rules – odd characters are youngsters GIRLS
Trendy, yes, developing an infection DYSENTERY
Finish nothing with supply ENDOW
Flies ruined English picture SELFIE
Uncle doesn’t finish, and youth doesn’t start, being coarse UNCOUTH
Diamonds come down to the country ICELAND
Red mitten upset friend in a hurtful way DETRIMENTALLY
.One cinder in treatment of a gland ENDOCRINE
.Rambling rose, but more dull OBTUSER
.Author to attempt an art form POETRY
.Lack of bravery making bully order a cider COWARDICE
.Possess amphibian before redevelopment  NEW TOWN
.Idiot to have wife exchange SWAP
.Get in and attend magician’s assembly GAIN ADMITTANCE
.Guarantee safety SECURITY
.Always in same version  EVER
.Defence group expected to be extreme UNDUE
.Get angry at church painting used in presentation FLIP CHART
.Same trial endlessly corresponds EQUATES
.Woman has clan moved to foreign territory ENCLAVE
.On the hard shoulder, incidentally : BY THE WAY
.Mother, terribly active, has a form of energy THERMODYNAMIC
.Subject to miserly average ARITHMETIC MEAN
.The others craft another beginning RESTART
.Claim wish turned out to be playful WHIMSICAL
.Decor gingerly includes dog CORGI