Cryptic crossword No 28,964

Daily solution for the Cryptic crossword No 28,964. The Guardian Cryptic Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Bingo! Ring for professional visit (5,4) HOUSECALL
Jolly male's fine disembarking from transport (5) MERRY
Extremely full? Offer third piece of toast and margarine (5) FLORA
Suggestions of how to clue 'notes' (9) OVERTONES
Don penning article on elements (7) WEATHER
Convicts in China heading to Shanghai (7) INMATES
Real trouble checking temp­erature in the future (5) LATER
Babe in film, one in Portuguese (3) PIG
Favoured king saved by Lewis heroine (5) LUCKY
Rod led astray chasing bowling technique (7) SPINDLE
Large animal in New York city (7) BUFFALO
DIY product recommended to stuff parrot? (9) POLYFILLA
Swear as 100p missing from wallet? (5) CURSE
Sport welcomes leading African-American goddess (5) FAUNA
Touring Spain first, one travelling light (3,2,4) SETONFIRE
Cook, one seen in bars, left out and drinking hard (4) CHEF
Dawn's quality captures gold (6) AURORA
Bit of gardening: raking earth, cutting grass to be collected again (10) REGATHERED
Relish hero without ego (6) SAVOUR
Taking rest of Flake back in envy, perhaps the origin of gluttony (8) SLEEPING
Must shift spot of dirt (4) SMUT
Available to cover finale of Pac-man on Twitch — it's wild! (8) FRENETIC
Look back over end of story with these (4) EYES
County loses energy (5) WILTS
Evil criminal left cinema (10) MALEFICENT
In essays, Oscar discovered authority (3-2) SAYSO
Test about old city den in books (5,3) TRIALRUN
Unique, like an empty House of Lords? (8) PEERLESS
Knockout with strength (6) BEAUTY
Clever grown-up skipping third of Ulster, taking in Ireland (6) ADROIT
Blow smoke (4) PUFF
Even flipping 50%, initially switching heads and tails (4) FLAT
PM once was disheartened and upset leaving country (4) EDEN