Cryptic crossword No 28,986

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Clues Answers
Dribble by defender and lose position (4,4) DROPBACK
Reversed rent for retail unit (6) OUTLET
Missing half of claw tool (4) AWOL
Distribute no detail on one expect­ing to join the government (3,7) OLDETONIAN
Get away with small fine about adulterated food (3,3) SODOFF
Jumbo order for one who's really hungry (8) ELEPHANT
In time, break mayor's heart (6) TRENDY
Two small measures for land (6) CLINCH
Agreeing with you entering credit study (8) CONSIDER
I live with atmosphere turning in major EU region (6) IBERIA
Quotes about great plastic products that cause serious damage (10) CIGARETTES
Game group off looking for openings (4) GOLF
Decline to have party wearing dress (2,4) GODOWN
Head torn about information that's necessary for survival (8) NUTRIENT
Overly long extract sounds like nothing up north (5,3) DRAWNOUT
Stone set on ring given to friend (4) OPAL
Bribe apprentice not to partici­pate in the deciding match (3,3) PAYOFF
Butcher ran motel somewhere in Canada (8) MONTREAL
Plain structure represented on the genes (10) STONEHENGE
Delay date when one is expected home (6) DETAIN
Personal data not originally kept by important organ (6) KIDNEY
Old words have unsettled dwarf (10) OVERSHADOW
A jock wearing clergyman's unfashionable clothing (3,5) DADJEANS
Type of crack high flyers might have? (8) HAIRLINE
Islander exchanged information for a fool (6) CRETAN
Old PM still working? He hasn't a b__ prayer (6) ORISON
Protest turned around by union that's already there (2,4) INSITU
Hold great hope for those no longer here? (4) GRIP