Cryptic crossword No 29,080

Daily solution for the Cryptic crossword No 29,080. The Guardian Cryptic Crosswords are very hard sometimes, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
It could play music in USA: Simply Red’s best CD released (6,7,6) PUBLIC
Handle books: take off sticker (9) SELLOTAPE
Way boss ultimately added to company expenses (5) COSTS
Play a shot in the lead (5) DRAMA
Step in time, free rein when dancing to provide entertainment (9) INTERFERE
Caught child’s toes dropping piano: they may get put out by foot (7) CIGGIES
Substitute with rest punching match official (6) RELIEF
Load of women with a curvy figure (6) WEIGHT
Have sex with risk? Her husband is late (7) DOWAGER
Bore to compose film score (9) PENETRATE
Mostly stick on port wine (5) RIOJA
Figure of speech from Hamlet’s closing line (5) TROPE
Shoot gangster? Weapon that might be raised with smoke (4,5) FIREALARM
Mock exam’s last part: writer’s quote is the wrong way round (7) MIMETIC
Hidden camp housing soldiers (6) SECRET
Conservative supporting column by party researcher (7) POSTDOC
Bark on this Labrador upset it (5) BALSA
Cutting off oil giant’s supply (9) ISOLATING
Adult on drink clutching sober partner (7) ABETTER
Empty drawer containing ice cube? One might (5) DICER
Get grease in bits: it may be found by a child in spring (6,3) EASTEREGG
See 1 across SYSTEM
Worries about the first dental problem (6) CARIES
Newly-wed carrying on with nurse in place behind the scenes? (9) GREENROOM
Small type of cow: one with disease (5,4) LOWERCASE
Heading for court, if Trump is lying about deal (7) TRAFFIC
Boring date — back on eHarmony, ultimately (6) DREARY
Accept once more a duke in post (7) READMIT
Stand during reckoning: what might come out of one’s mouth? (6) SPUTUM
Lifting toe on foot, hard for the old (5) THEFT
Love song around noon playing on the radio (2,3) ONAIR