Cryptic crossword No 29,085

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Clues Answers
With ormolu hem, expensive coat need not be thrown away (6) USABLE
Spike, having mangled cigar: 'Grand to go uncivilised!' (8) BARBARIC
End career (very little in it) (5-3) CLOSERUN
Inferior but did farrier work daily, no trouble (6) SHODDY
Film technology from one involved with Iron Man cast (12) ANIMATRONICS
Shots, say, of parent going round topless (4) AMMO
Hot and stuffy — infuriated (8) HAIRLESS
Algiers revolves round harem? (8) SERAGLIO
One has to pursue female figure (4) FIVE
Swindle associated with pieces of furniture? Rubbish! (12) FIDDLESTICKS
Take a lot of time to become affiliated (6) BELONG
Prompt move to Vietnam, avoiding north (8) MOTIVATE
Speed up undoing of nepotist (4,2,2) STEPONIT
Royal house about to return delivery (6) YORKER
James catches large fish (4) SILD
Dance supremo by a rising river (5,4) BOSSANOVA
Overhear organ piece that goes to the head (6) EARWIG
Understudy (being separated) to offer a bribe? Despicable! (7,8) BENEATHCONTEMPT
Control keeps regressive creative activity in check (8) RESTRAIN
Upturned bar in an array (5) ADORN
Hesitant when cutting round tops of diseased elms (10) INDECISIVE
Block one's put on a classical architectural feature (10) IMPEDIMENT
Files possibly state: 'Mae West' (9) LIFESAVER
Woody surrounding for work unit that produces a reaction? (8) ALLERGEN
Son, mean and empty-headed (6) SCATTY
Decline fleshy fruit vociferously (5) DROOP
Manner lacks latitude, causing a spot of discomfort (4) STYE