Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 1/18/20 0 Smartypants Saturday

Daily crossword solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 1/18/20 0
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Number Clues Answers
9 Took advantage of Used
13 Up the ___ (raise the stakes) Ante
14 Happy Days costar Scott Baio
15 One-person performance Solo
16 Composer of the music for Porgy and Bess (his brother Ira wrote some of the lyrics): 2 wds. George Gershwin
19 Tool that pierces leather Awl
20 Metal in its just-mined form Ore
21 Compete in a contest Vie
22 Ostrich’s relatives Down Under Emus
24 Rap and country singer with the song Bawitdaba: 2 wds. Kid Rock
28 Possessed Owned
30 ___ Desmond of the Colorado Rockies Ian
31 Purplish Hawaiian dish made from taro Poi
32 Composer of the music for Oklahoma! (Oscar Hammerstein II wrote the lyrics): 2 wds. Richard Rodgers
36 Undergarment that sometimes has straps Bra
37 ___ drink to that! Ill
38 Toils Works
39 The S of ISP Service
42 Group opposed to caging birds: Abbr. Peta
43 Letters before an alternate name Aka
44 Gmail alternative that began in 1993 AOL
45 Income ___ (what the IRS collects) Tax
48 Composer of the music for My Fair Lady (Alan Jay Lerner wrote the lyrics): 2 wds. Frederick Loewe
53 Grain that can be wild or dirty Rice
54 Rounded roof Dome
55 ___ to a frazzle (exhausted) Worn
56 Dr. Frankenstein’s henchman Igor


Number Clues Answers
57 Low bills in a cash register Ones
58 Single-named New Age singer Enya
1 Long complicated tale Saga
2 See things in ___ light: 2 wds. A New
3 Auto that’s been taken away by a criminal: 2 wds. Stolen Car
4 How Stella Got ___ Groove Back Her
5 Takes a ride in a popular rideshare Ubers
6 Out-of-control anger Rage
7 Two Truths and a ___ (icebreaking activity sometimes) Lie
8 Actress Mira with an Oscar for Mighty Aphrodite Sorvino
9 R&B singer or a theater employee Usher
10 Female animal who oinks Sow
11 Quarterback Manning Eli
12 Knives Out actor Johnson Don
17 Mild Dutch cheese Gouda
18 Punk musician ___ Vicious Sid
23 Just not feeling excited about it at all Meh
24 Marx who wrote Das Kapital Karl
25 Perform surgery for: 2 wds. Operate On
26 Stopper for a bottle of Pinot Noir Cork
27 What people are supposed to do beneath the mistletoe Kiss
28 Spheres Orbs
29 Thin strand of metal Wire
30 ___ hands are the devil’s playground Idle
33 Lucy and Ricky’s surname on I Love Lucy Ricardo
34 Reside Dwell
35 America’s ___ Talent Got
40 Darth ___ Vader
41 Soul musician Turner Ike
42 Jabs Pokes
44 Company whose products are seen in Road Runner cartoons Acme
46 Out of whack Awry
47 Lucy Lawless’s most famous role Xena
48 Black day after Thanksgiving: Abbr. Fri
49 Tamper with as an election Rig
50 Environmental prefix Eco
51 Charged atom Ion
52 Be in debt Owe