Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 12/27/19 19 Sports Fan Friday

Daily crossword solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 12/27/19 19
Sports Fan Friday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 12/27/19 19
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Number Clues Answers
8 Scent of perfume for example Aroma
13 The Simpsons shopkeeper Apu
14 ___ of expertise (what you’re good at) Area
15 The ___ is in the details Devil
16 Atlanta Falcons quarterback who was 2016’s NFL MVP: 2 wds. Matt Ryan
18 Bloodhound’s keen sense Smell
19 Furthermore … Also
20 The ___ justify the means Ends
22 Stained by a pen’s liquid Inky
23 The second W of WWII War
25 Magical curse Hex
27 Muddy enclosures on farms Sties
30 Santa ___ (red outfit worn by St. Nick) Suit
32 Arrive ___ conclusion: 2 wds. At A
35 Kansas City Chiefs quarterback who was 2018’s NFL MVP: 2 wds. Patrick Mahomes
38 Core muscles Abs
39 What melting Popsicles do Drip
40 False name Alias
41 Singer ___ Michele with the new album Christmas in the City Lea
42 Rick ___ Morty (Adult Swim animated show) And
43 Three-person group Trio
46 Vice president Aaron who is a character in Hamilton Burr
49 Make more concise in terms of text Edit
53 Like writing that could be more concise Wordy
55 New England Patriots quarterback who was 2017’s NFL MVP: 2 wds. Tom Brady
57 You may open one in Photoshop Image
58 Plant used in many lotions Aloe


Number Clues Answers
59 I’m on ___ of the world! Top
60 Biological trait carriers Genes
61 Group of cows Herd
62 Boston ___ (Samuel Adams beer) Ale
1 Papa’s wife Mama
2 Light-colored birthstone Opal
3 ___ in an appearance (shows up) Puts
4 Rowboat-steering tool Oar
5 Appliance that spins clothes Dryer
6 College admissions official Dean
7 Surface a dune buggy drives on Sand
8 Twitch stream interruptions Ads
9 The version of Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus for one Remix
10 Appliance that you might preheat Oven
11 Drink often served with cookies Milk
12 Friend as to the LGBTQ community Ally
17 Jenga structure Tower
21 The Peanut Butter Falcon actor LaBeouf Shia
24 Line that the audience hears but the other characters don’t Aside
26 ___ Allen (furniture store chain) Ethan
27 Place to get a pedicure Spa
28 Bill that you might keep open at a bar Tab
29 ___ your move Its
30 Runner on the bottom of a snowmobile Ski
31 World Series official for short Ump
32 What ___ doing wrong?: 2 wds. Am I
33 Drink that a certain kind of spoon is named for Tea
34 Donkey Ass
36 What Sebastian is in The Little Mermaid Crab
37 Like a teen compared to a tween Older
41 Building to relax in after snowshoeing Lodge
42 Jouster’s metal covering Armor
43 Easy-to-snap branch Twig
44 European city that all roads lead to Rome
45 Country on the Persian Gulf Iran
47 Bryce Canyon National Park’s state Utah
48 Wonder Woman for Gal Gadot Role
50 Lab notebook recordings Data
51 Show that Katy Perry judges for short Idol
52 Compose a text Type
54 ___ ma’am! Yes
56 Flower ___ (place to grow roses say) Bed