Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 6/2/19 People Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 6/2/19 People Sunday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 6/2/19 People Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
9 The ___ is up! (I’m onto you now!) Jig
12 Actor Thicke who was the father of singer Robin Alan
13 Japanese rice wine Sake
14 Poetic tribute Ode
15 Speak to a Girl singer whose first name is a positive virtue (belief): 2 wds. Faith Hill
17 Thumbs-up vote Yea
18 Cosmetics pioneer Lauder Estee
19 Type of square cookie containing dried fruit: 2 wds. Date Bar
21 Jarred pasta sauce brand Ragu
23 Suffix for a drink sold at a kid’s sidewalk stand Ade
24 Abbreviation on American speedometers MPH
27 Spits rhymes like Travis Scott Raps
29 Breakfast chain offering chicken and waffles IHOP
32 Diametrically opposed on an issue: 2 wds. At Odds
34 National capital where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau works Ottawa
36 ___ Was a Rollin’ Stone (#1 hit for the Temptations) Papa
37 Cat’s contented rumbling sound Purr
39 Georgia group that was one of the first alternative rock bands Rem
40 But I heard him exclaim ___ he drove out of sight … (line from A Visit From St. Nicholas) Ere
42 Well-ordered Neat
44 Person held captive for ransom Hostage
47 Roosters’ head crests Combs
51 I should have done this ages ___! Ago
52 A Million Little Things actress whose first name is a positive virtue (elegance): 2 wds. Grace Park
54 Clickable link: Abbr. URL
55 Have difficulty making the s sound Lisp
56 Jai ___ (game that’s related to handball) Alai
57 Barack Obama’s zodiac sign Leo
58 One-named singer from Ireland Enya


Number Clues Answers
59 Soap brand or shredded citrus peel Zest
1 Small French eatery Café
2 Dear oh dear Alas
3 Pace for a horse Gait
4 Come on in! more formally Enter
5 Suffix for devil or fever Ish
6 Fully reimbursed a debt: 2 wds. Paid Up
7 State where Garth Brooks was born: Abbr. Okla
8 Airline that shares a name with a Greek letter Delta
9 The View host whose first name is a positive virtue (happiness): 2 wds. Joy Behar
10 What’s the big ___? Idea
11 Necessary equipment Gear
16 Detected by ear Heard
20 Fix run-on sentences and the like Edit
22 Suddenly breathe in with surprise Gasp
24 Navigator’s foldout guide Map
25 Group that supports local education: Abbr. PTA
26 World Cup-winning soccer goalkeeper whose first name is a positive virtue (optimism): 2 wds. Hope Solo
28 Stick out like a ___ thumb Sore
30 You ___ me an apology Owe
31 Country singer Tillis who’s the daughter of Mel Pam
33 Soft weapon in many Nerf guns Dart
35 Disappeared without a ___ (vanished) Trace
38 Nervous and apprehensive Uneasy
41 Bird whose name means two under par in golf Eagle
43 November’s birthstone Topaz
44 In it for the long ___ Haul
45 Monster in a fairy tale Ogre
46 Smile from ear to ear Grin
48 Masculine Male
49 Garments that may have underwires Bras
50 Short theatrical routine Skit
53 Person who may often find tax loopholes: Abbr. CPA