L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers – Mar 27 2022

Daily crossword solution for the L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers – Mar 27 2022. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers – Mar 27 2022 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
0 "A Death in the Family" author James AGEE
0 "Ambition should be made of __ stuff": "Julius Caesar" STERNER
0 "Bad Moon Rising" band, briefly CCR
0 "Be silent," in music TACET
0 "Buenos __" DIAS
0 "Easy to Be Hard" musical HAIR
0 18-wheeler SEMI
0 Abbr. often after a comma ETC
0 Action movie weapons UZIS
0 Actor Beatty NED
0 Adjust in a garage ALIGN
0 Allow LET
0 Allure of boldly going where no man has gone before? STARATTRACTION
0 Apple product IPAD
0 Arch type OGEE
0 Barely enough SCANT
0 Bayou, perhaps WETLAND
0 Beverly Cleary title dog STRIDER
0 Big mess SNAFU
0 Big name in jeans LEVI
0 Black EBONY
0 Blow away ASTOUND
0 Bobby of the Bruins ORR
0 Bogus FALSE
0 Brezhnev of the USSR LEONID
0 Bygone depilatory brand NEET
0 Candy mogul H.B. __ REESE
0 Carbon compound ENOL
0 Cause of inflation AIR
0 Church official ELDER
0 CIO partner AFL
0 Clears of data, as a PC PURGES
0 Cocktail party staple DIP
0 Composer Stravinsky IGOR
0 Conger catchers EELERS
0 Connections TIES
0 Contents of some banks DATA
0 Country that's about 24 times longer than its average width CHILE
0 Cover letters? SPF
0 Creme-filled Drake's cake DEVILDOG
0 Cup part BRIM
0 Daring deed GEST
0 De Matteo of "The Sopranos" DREA
0 Defrauded, say, with "on" PREYED
0 Detain Dr. McCoy? COLLARBONES
0 Did salon work STYLED
0 DNA sample from Kirk's chief engineering officer? SCOTTTISSUE
0 Dorm overseers, for short RAS
0 Dundee denial NAE
0 Either Zimbalist EFREM
0 Elevator name OTIS
0 EMT skill CPR
0 End of a warning ORELSE
0 Everglades deposit PEAT
0 Example MODEL
0 Fabled loch NESS
0 Fabled racer HARE
0 Fancy topping CAVIAR
0 First word in all but one "Seinfeld" episode title THE
0 Flamenco shout OLE
0 Flapjack cooker GRIDDLE
0 Flax fabric LINEN
0 Flea market deal RESALE
0 Flight by night REDEYE
0 Forward pass AERIAL
0 Frontier home TEPEE
0 Galahad et al SIRS
0 Gave in (to) ACCEDED
0 Gender-specific pronoun HIM
0 Gloomy SULLEN
0 Grazing area LEA


Number Clues Answers
0 Habituate INURE
0 Happy Meal toy replica of Captain Kirk's ship? FREEENTERPRISE
0 Heel CAD
0 Heineken brand named for a Mexican city TECATE
0 High nester EAGLE
0 Historic time ERA
0 Horatian work ODE
0 Immigrant's subj ESL
0 Informer RAT
0 It established Congress ARTICLEI
0 It's a wrap OBI
0 It's found in banks ORE
0 Katniss' ally in "The Hunger Games" PEETA
0 Latin "behold" ECCE
0 Less cordial ICIER
0 Makes with skill CRAFTS
0 Makeup line AVON
0 Mangy mutt CUR
0 Masseuse trained in massage techniques from Spock's home planet? VULCANIZEDRUBBER
0 Miles' "Sideways" love interest MAYA
0 Museum pieces STATUES
0 Nemo's creator VERNE
0 News exclusives SCOOPS
0 Newton, e.g UNIT
0 NFL official REF
0 Nice season ETE
0 Nixon's older daughter TRICIA
0 No. with two dashes SSN
0 NYY rival BOS
0 Observing lions in the wild, maybe ONSAFARI
0 One may be painted TOENAIL
0 One who gets in ELECTEE
0 Online access cos ISPS
0 Opening tempo of Dvorák's "New World Symphony" ADAGIO
0 PDQ, in the ER STAT
0 Phaser, slangily? SPACEHEATER
0 Play delayers RAINS
0 Pluck GRIT
0 Poet who used the name Old Possum TSELIOT
0 Pony up the service charge, say PAYAFEE
0 Recurring ITERANT
0 Runs easily LOPES
0 Safe to have EDIBLE
0 Satisfied with one's work in the transporter room? BEAMINGWITHPRIDE
0 School of thought ISM
0 Screening org TSA
0 Sends, in a way ELATES
0 Setting for searches INTERNET
0 Sign up ENROLL
0 Sign-off letters before L TTY
0 Ski weekend destination CHALET
0 Song and dance ARTS
0 Sports org. name since 1910 NCAA
0 Start of a classic accusation ETTU
0 Storage spot BIN
0 Surpasses EXCEEDS
0 Tabloid couple ITEM
0 Tighten the strings of, maybe RETUNE
0 Tiny ITSY
0 Title book in a classic computer game MYST
0 Uncalled-for NEEDLESS
0 Unnamed degree NTH
0 Vendor's wagon HANDCART
0 Warm sign-off ASEVER
0 Wedding promise IDO
0 Wheel connectors AXLES
0 Wilcox daughter in "Howards End" EVIE
0 Wonderstruck AWED
0 __ gratia artis: MGM motto ARS