LA Times Crossword 1 Nov 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 1 Nov 20, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 1 Nov 20, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Not yet bought LEFT
5 Kvetch GRIPE
10 Mushroom sought by mushroom hunters MOREL
15 Econ. barometer GDP
18 Bar on a truck AXLE
19 Swiss luxury brand ROLEX
20 Butler’s love O’HARA
21 Provider of expert advice GURU
22 Swindler SCAM ARTIST
24 “It’s hopeless” NOT A PRAYER
26 Subs TEMPS
27 __ fly: run-scoring out SAC
28 World’s largest tennis stadium ASHE
29 Social media profile picture, often SELFIE
30 Clue follower SLEUTH
32 Muralist Rivera DIEGO
34 Cybertruck maker TESLA
35 Rod’s partner REEL
37 “Over here!” YOO-HOO!
40 Hoods at a monastery COWLS
43 Meat brand spelled out by a four-year-old in ads OSCAR MAYER
48 C-SPAN addict, say NEWS JUNKIE
50 Miley Cyrus label RCA
51 Noisy bunkmate SNORER
53 Prepare for another drive RE-TEE
54 Holiday lead-in EVE
55 Conspiring faction CABAL
58 Italy’s cont. EUR
59 “Look before you leap,” e.g. OLD SAW
61 Advanced teaching deg. MSED
62 2009 aviation biopic AMELIA
64 Authoritative code DOGMA
66 Art __ DECO
68 Timely mnemonic, or what the circled letters depict SPRING FORWARD, FALL BACK
75 Arcade giant SEGA
76 Rear-__ ENDER
77 Hand at sea SAILOR
78 Improv bit SKIT
81 Coordinated IN SYNC
84 Closest peeps FAM
86 Texas site of Pizza Hut headquarters PLANO
87 Helen Reddy’s “__ Woman” I AM
88 Flood control LEVEE
89 Big name in bowling shoes ETONIC
92 Dudes MEN
93 Some Nehi drinks GRAPE SODAS
96 It may be cracked with a key SECRET CODE
99 Suite spot HOTEL
100 Mount Rainier’s Native American name … and a Microsoft typeface TAHOMA
102 Soothing succulent ALOE
103 “Look before you leap,” e.g. ADAGE
105 Ethereal glows AURAS
108 Whitman’s dooryard bloomers LILACS
112 Pelican State campus TULANE
114 Backfire sound BANG!
116 Co-star with Chevy and Gilda DAN
118 Open veranda LANAI
119 Cable company offering TV ON DEMAND
121 Fugitive trackers, at times POLICE DOGS
123 Big party FEST
124 Caffeine-rich nuts KOLAS
125 Curling venue ARENA
126 Vending machine inserts ONES
127 Rapper Lil __ X NAS
128 Look after SEE TO
129 Exorcist’s target DEMON
130 Overly curious NOSY


Number Clues Answers
1 Has staying power LASTS
2 Stand out EXCEL
3 Heartthrob FLAME
4 Deep-fried Japanese dish TEMPURA
5 Boxer’s warning GRR!
6 Turns ROTS
7 Trojan War saga ILIAD
8 Joe who played the thief Harry in “Home Alone” PESCI
9 Phone routing no. EXT
10 Rainy season MONSOON
11 “I know! Pick me!” OH! OH!
12 Utility bill figure RATE
13 Jazz or swing ERA
14 Time-__ LAPSE
15 Gunpowder Plot participant of 1605 GUY FAWKES
16 Hamburger’s three DREI
17 Free of contaminants PURE
21 Pump measure GALLON
23 Autumn blossom ASTER
25 Coast Guard mission RESCUE
28 Before now AGO
31 Sewer’s bottoms HEMS
33 “Reader, I married him” governess EYRE
34 Taco truck fare TOSTADA
36 The Beatles’ Penny, e.g. LANE
38 It’s driven on a trail HERD
39 Has a balance due OWES
41 In real time LIVE
42 Piece inside a pumpkin SEED
43 Seal-hunting swimmers ORCAS
44 Whippersnapper SCAMP
45 Pole thrown by Scots CABER
46 “Seriously?” YOU DO?
47 Wild throw, usually ERROR
49 Crown collection JEWELS
52 Wine and dine ROMANCE
56 Elite guests A-LIST
57 Airport screening likelihood LINE
60 Pie crust ingredient LARD
61 Gas brand with a red “o” in its logo MOBIL
63 Team from College Station, Texas AGGIES
65 Stefani of No Doubt GWEN
67 Show appreciation CLAP
69 Selection process for MLB All-Stars FAN VOTE
70 Crusoe creator DEFOE
71 Swiss coin FRANC
72 National rival ALAMO
73 Shaped like a megaphone CONED
74 Danish coin KRONE
78 Sound of resignation SIGH
79 Syrup used in pecan pies KARO
80 “It puzzles me” I’M AT A LOSS
82 Jon of “Chicago P.D.” SEDA
83 “You betcha!” YEAH!
85 “Look, señorita!” MIRA!
88 Stanford who co-founded Stanford University LELAND
90 Winter Palace monarch TSAR
91 Prison division CELL
94 Intellectual nitpicker PEDANT
95 Scoundrel SO-AND-SO
97 Sheer linen fabric TOILE
98 Grayish-yellow green CELADON
101 Clown for the camera MUG
104 Tech whizzes GEEKS
106 Put on a pedestal ADORE
107 Capital SSW of Portland SALEM
109 Not allowed A NO-NO
110 Batting practice sites CAGES
111 Spacek of “The River” SISSY
112 Texter’s parting TTFN
113 Where the iris is UVEA
114 Farm bundle BALE
115 Med school subj. ANAT
117 Barcelona boy NINO
120 “The Simpsons” bartender MOE
121 Launch site PAD
122 Spam holder CAN