LA Times Crossword 1 Sep 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 1 Sep 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Moussaka ingredient LAMB
5 Angular pipe fitting ELBOW
10 Motion carriers AYES
14 Distorts SKEWS
19 Hesse-based automaker OPEL
20 Portmanteau breakfast brand MAYPO
21 Pic, in ads FOTO
22 Like a fog-enshrouded cemetery EERIE
23 Trendy farewell CIAO
24 Join the contest ENTER
25 Aussie greeting G’DAY
26 Slender-billed marsh bird SNIPE
27 Aircraft carrier storage area HANGAR DECK
29 Performer using hand motions HULA DANCER
31 Jobs in clubs GIGS
32 Ever so slightly A TAD
34 Somme soul AME
35 Arrival announcement I’M HERE
38 Holy sanctuary SHRINE
40 Singer at Barack’s 2009 inauguration ceremony ARETHA
43 Dispense drinks POUR
44 Murmured romantically COOED
45 Crimp-haired critter EWE
46 Towel designation HERS
48 All-hrs. convenience ATM
54 Electrical unit AMP
55 Opioids watchdog org. DEA
56 Ready to blow IRATE
57 Kitchenware brand OXO
58 How many rumors spread ORALLY
60 Almost reaches NEARS
62 Gross portion DOZEN
64 More sharp TARTER
65 Navy Cross, e.g. MEDAL
67 Interior designer’s concern HOME DECOR
71 Emmy winner Christine LAHTI
72 Macron’s palace ELYSEE
74 Shirt tags may irritate them NAPES
75 Birthplace of the violin ITALY
77 Karaoke singer’s liability TIN EAR
78 “Evil Woman” gp. ELO
79 Pain-relief brand ADVIL
81 Grumpy companion? DOC
84 Picasso’s here ACA
85 “ER,” for one HOSPITAL DRAMA
89 “Rosemary’s Baby” novelist Levin IRA
90 Capital south of Quito LIMA
92 __ Adams SAM
93 Piano piece? PEDAL
94 Come off as SEEM
95 Throat tissue TONSIL
97 Chicken serving BREAST
99 Style popularized by the Beatles MOP TOP
101 Bout ender, briefly TKO
102 Sommelier’s suggestions REDS
103 Pacific Coast country with a 22,000-foot peak PERU
104 Pointer, e.g. HUNTING DOG


Number Clues Answers
1 Nessie’s hangout LOCH
2 Samoan capital APIA
3 Have in mind MEAN
4 Writer with a website BLOGGER
5 Come to light EMERGE
6 Reels in LANDS
7 Part of MB BYTE
8 Gp. with pipelines OPEC
9 Place to do a job WORK AREA
10 Throw on the couch? AFGHAN
11 “Hey, bro” YO, DUDE
12 What makes lists briefer, briefly ET AL
13 Tofu source SOYA
14 Bagel choice SESAME
15 Fashion house founder Cole KENNETH
16 __ Burdon, the Animals’ frontman ERIC
17 Moist towelette WIPE
18 Visionary SEER
28 Natural drier AIR
30 Be loath to DARE NOT
33 Spruce (up) TIDY
35 2010 Apple debut IPAD
36 Floater in a sunbeam MOTE
37 Real go-getter HUMAN DYNAMO
38 Like either “g” in “George” SOFT
39 British general at Bunker Hill HOWE
40 Leave wide-eyed AWE
41 Nutritionist’s recommendation HEALTHY DIET
42 Biceps band ARMLET
44 Don’t play well together CLASH
45 Thrifty, in brand names ECONO
47 Johanna who created Heidi SPYRI
49 Historic Florida racetrack HIALEAH
50 Part of ETA: Abbr. ARR
51 Drifts off DOZES
52 Boardroom VIP EXEC
53 Cheerful refrain TRA-LA-LA
59 Word near Kazakhstan on Asia maps ARAL
61 Minimal effort EASE
62 Stop on a line DEPOT
63 Commemorative lines ODE
65 Black Sabbath’s genre METAL
66 Bring forth ELICIT
68 Hr. when the sun is strong ONE PM
69 Niger neighbor MALI
70 Romantic triangle figure RIVAL
73 It formed some features of Arches National Park EROSION
76 Director Burton TIM
79 Mixes in ADDS
80 “Phooey!” DRAT!
82 McFlurry flavor OREO
83 Sleep out, say CAMP
86 Abe’s role in “The Godfather” SAL
87 Did a takeoff on APED
88 Regulation affecting boxers? LEASH LAW
91 Raid product ANT TRAP
94 Layered Italian dessert SPUMONI
96 Like Speedos SKIMPY
97 Suffers from the heat BROILS
98 Feel sorry about REGRET
99 Stick one’s nose where it doesn’t belong MEDDLE
100 Man-mouse link … OR A …
103 Kilt feature PLEAT
104 Pianist Dame Myra __ HESS
105 “Do __ others … ” UNTO
106 Romance novelist Roberts NORA
107 Secluded spot GLEN
108 Secluded spot DALE
110 Surrounding atmosphere AURA
111 Camera lens feature IRIS
112 Comparable (to) AKIN
113 Many a black-clad teen GOTH
114 Scratched (out) EKED