LA Times Crossword 10 May 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 10 May 20, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Noble, unselfish sort GALAHAD
14 Language of the Quran ARABIC
20 Magnetite, e.g. IRON ORE
21 Port N of Pittsburgh ERIE, PA
22 Examine in detail PERUSE
23 This year’s hatchlings? NEST GENERATION (from “next generation”)
25 Influential groups ELITES
26 Quelques-__: a few, in French UNES
27 One in a shell TURTLE
28 ER workers RNS
30 “Bellefleur” author OATES
31 Half a tuba sound -PAH
32 Scrips MEDS
33 Acapulco aunt TIA
34 Mayo is found in it ANO
35 Quarterback Manning ELI
37 Chopin virtuoso’s self-assurance? ETUDE CONFIDENCE (from “exude confidence”)
45 Highland hillsides BRAES
47 Attorney general after Sessions BARR
48 Tummy muscles ABS
49 Coal carrier HOD
50 Greek cross in a company logo? CORPORATE TAU (from “corporate tax”)
54 Exist ARE
55 Diva deliveries SOLI
56 Formally commend CITE
57 Ancient assembly areas AGORAS
58 Opinion surveys on text changes? EDIT POLLS (from “exit polls”)
60 Extend People RENEW
62 Santa feature BEARD
64 Kids’ song refrain E-I-E-I-O
65 Some QB protectors RGS
68 Alpine peasant dress DIRNDL
70 Sealed UNOPEN
73 Animal house DEN
74 Skateboarding move OLLIE
76 Peak CREST
78 Lover of Silvio in “Pagliacci” NEDDA
80 Time to honor an aircraft manufacturer? BOEING DAY (from “Boxing Day”)
83 Jeered HOOTED
85 Buckwheat noodle SOBA
89 U.K. honors OBES
90 Faller of 2001 MIR
91 Shark’s interim appendage? TEMPORARY FIN (from “temporary fix”)
93 Bug TAP
94 Knock RAP
95 Q.E.D. word ERAT
96 Hoists HEFTS
97 Ripening of a Mediterranean fruit? OLIVE COMPLETION (from “olive complexion”)
103 UFO crew, in theory ETS
104 “One Mic” rapper NAS
105 Anaheim MLB team, in crawl lines LAA
106 Meh SO-SO
108 Film buff’s channel TCM
111 Typical hole-in-one, e.g. EAGLE
113 Triage ctrs. ERS
114 Piggies’ protector BOOTIE
117 “ __ saw Elba” ERE I
118 White rat, e.g. ALBINO


Number Clues Answers
1 Generate GIN UP
2 Place to play ARENA
3 Become discouraged LOSE HEART
4 Queen’s offspring ANTS
5 Monopolize HOG
6 Mountain ridge ARETE
7 Strip of vegetation DENUDE
8 Chipper PERT
9 Seriously shrunken sea ARAL
10 Baptism, for one RITE
11 Outdoor gear brand REI
12 Portugal’s second-largest city OPORTO
13 Astringent in red wine TANNIN
14 “Tarzan” critter APE
15 Puts in more film RELOADS
16 French satellite launcher ARIANE
17 Grabbed for a chat BUTTONHOLED
18 “Of course” I SEE
19 Prefix with pit CESS-
24 At one time, at one time ERST
29 Apple browser SAFARI
32 Japanese soup MISO
36 Sufferer healed by Jesus LEPER
38 Super, slangily UBER
39 Like some artifacts, thanks to radiocarbon DATABLE
40 Clear ERASE
41 French vineyard CRU
42 “As if” I BET
43 Border __ COLLIE
44 Inventor of an early stock ticker EDISON
45 Discreetly send a dupe email to BCC
46 “Vive le __!” ROI
51 Eastern royal RANI
52 New __ AGER
53 Limo service vehicle TOWN CAR
54 Extend ADD ONTO
55 “ or __ thought” SO I
58 Coastal flier ERN
59 Await judgment PEND
61 Sistine Chapel mural setting EDEN
63 Quaint coin-op eatery AUTOMAT
65 Surname in a 1983 Styx hit ROBOTO
66 Worldwide GLOBAL
67 Item of camping gear SLEEPING BAG
69 Arid DRY
71 Equal PEER
72 Historic Icelandic work EDDA
75 “__ for Innocent”: Grafton novel I IS
77 Sex educator Hite SHERE
79 So far AS YET
81 2008 TARP beneficiary renamed Ally Financial GMAC
82 Simple radio antenna DIPOLE
84 Eye opener? OPTI-
86 Like garage parking OFF-STREET
87 Modicum BIT
88 Reply to a ques. ANS
91 Bus. card info TEL
92 Stat start RHEO-
94 Is indignant about RESENTS
98 Carousel traveler VALISE
99 Funny brothers MARXES
100 Programming language named for a mathematician PASCAL
101 Bone: Pref. OSTE-
102 Sounds NOISES
107 Bristlelike parts SETAE
109 Perfume, as at High Mass CENSE
110 Hands, in slang MITTS
111 Apiece EACH
112 Baseball brother ALOU
114 Boston or Chicago BAND
115 Blood type, briefly O-NEG
116 Shrek, for one OGRE
117 “Giant” author Ferber EDNA
119 East, in Essen OST
121 Charlemagne’s domain: Abbr. HRE
122 Coffee hour vessel URN