LA Times Crossword 13 Dec 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 13 Dec 20, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Springlike VERNAL
7 Word in France’s national motto EGALITE
14 Scratched, say MARRED
20 Skin care brand AVEENO
21 Michelle’s successor MELANIA
22 Alpine climbing tool ICE AXE
23 Newspaper for jeans wearers? CASUAL OBSERVER
25 Shake and bake, e.g. RHYMES
26 Rodeo ropes RIATAS
27 Essen article DER
28 For example SAY
29 “Leaves and Navels” artist ARP
30 Philippine money PESOS
33 General on a menu TSO
34 “A Beautiful Mind” mathematician NASH
36 At the discretion of UP TO
37 Preceding periods EVES
38 Apple platform IOS
39 Newspaper for newlyweds? HITCHING POST
43 Venetian Renaissance artist TITIAN
45 Chinese currency YUAN
47 Six-time NBA MVP, familiarly KAREEM
48 Hi-tech medical image CAT SCAN
50 Investor’s concern RISK
52 Like a solid theory TENABLE
56 U.S. maritime agcy. ONI
57 Newspaper for attorneys? TRYING TIMES
61 Not std. IRREG
62 Div. that, in its first year of existence, produced a World Series champ NL EAST
64 Best poker pair ACES
65 Phnom Penh river MEKONG
66 Saltimbocca spice SAGE
68 Company whose spoofed horror film ad has the line, “Why can’t we just get in the running car?” GEICO
71 Swimmer Ledecky KATIE
73 Racer Ferrari ENZO
74 Paperwork, often HASSLE
76 Get exactly right NAIL
78 Fake ERSATZ
80 Island with Dutch as an official language ARUBA
81 Newspaper for chefs? GARLIC PRESS
84 Diminish EBB
87 12th-century English king HENRY II
89 Place to park it SEAT
90 Fulfill SATISFY
92 It starts in the 60s, by most reckonings OLD AGE
95 Mine car TRAM
97 Wee bit LITTLE
98 Newspaper for traffic cops? TWO-WAY MIRROR
102 2010 health law: Abbr. ACA
104 Coal-rich valley SAAR
105 Cut HEWN
106 Sad BLUE
107 Four-term prez FDR
108 Auto repair bill component PARTS
109 Seine summer ETE
110 Prefix with cycle TRI-
112 Deg. for drillers DDS
114 Like an accomplice IN ON IT
116 Make changes to MODIFY
118 Newspaper for Schwinn owners? BICYCLE COURIER
123 Insect-sized superhero ANT-MAN
124 Puts away STASHES
125 Poetic Bible book PSALMS
126 __ skills PEOPLE
127 Large chamber groups SEPTETS
128 Americans in Paris, maybe EX-PATS


Number Clues Answers
1 Short cleaner VAC
2 “Casino Royale” (2006) actress Green EVA
3 High-__ monitor RES
4 Phobia, e.g. NEUROSIS
5 Diarist first name with a diaeresis ANAIS
6 Glaudini of early “Criminal Minds” episodes LOLA
7 Consulate cousin EMBASSY
8 Artwork base coat GESSO
9 Bar order ALE
10 Frying medium LARD
11 Create INVENT
12 Clothing store display aid TIE RACK
13 Kernel holder EAR
14 “Look!,” to Luis MIRA!
15 Sore ACHY
16 King of Spain REY
17 NY/NJ’s __ Mountains RAMAPO
18 Applies EXERTS
19 Absolute ruler DESPOT
24 Due times four OTTO
28 Team in some pickup games SHIRTS
30 San Diego’s __ Park PETCO
31 Aquafina rival EVIAN
32 Newspaper for hairstylists? SETTING SUN
35 Doo-wop syllable SHA
36 Short seller’s concern UP MARKET
38 Steamed IN A RAGE
39 Reagan’s first secretary of state HAIG
40 Photo-sharing app, briefly INSTA
41 Once called NEE
42 1992 Robin Williams role GENIE
44 Part of un opéra ACTE
46 Keats’ “Sylvan historian” URN
49 Where Coca-Cola is KO NYSE
51 Complain KICK
53 Newspaper for metalworkers? BRONZE STAR
54 Emmy winner Kay LENZ
55 Wafflers brand EGGO
58 Singer Turner’s memoir I, TINA
59 “Give __ minute … ” ME A
60 Glyceride, for one ESTER
63 Longtime “Band of Renown” leader LES BROWN
65 “Ben-Hur” villain MESSALA
66 Ousted Iranian SHAH
67 Bern’s river AARE
69 Caboose, for one CAR
70 Artist’s medium OILS
72 Angers IRES
75 Clapton woman who’s “got me on my knees” LAYLA
77 Deceive LIE TO
79 Italian wine hub ASTI
81 2000 A.L. MVP Jason GIAMBI
82 Gideon Fell creator John Dickson __ CARR
83 Bk. fair organizer PTA
85 Key of Schumann’s “Spring Symphony” B-FLAT
86 Joyce __, Winona Ryder’s “Stranger Things” role BYERS
88 Mount __: Charley Weaver’s home IDY
91 “Don’t go in there!” IT’S A TRAP!
93 Grissom on “CSI” GIL
94 Scholarly ERUDITE
96 “O, that way __ lies”: Lear MADNESS
98 On __: famous THE MAP
99 Sloppy kiss WET ONE
100 Had because of OWED TO
101 Baggage porter REDCAP
103 Foam footwear CROC
107 Sole order FILET
108 Tenth of 12 popes PIUS X
110 Nonstick kitchen brand T-FAL
111 Ex-Cub Sandberg RYNE
113 Part of DOS: Abbr. SYST
115 “Nuh-uh” NOPE
117 Little dickens IMP
118 Undergrad degs. BSS
119 Friend of Fidel CHE
120 Dockworker’s gp. ILA
121 CPR expert EMT
122 Blog feed format letters RSS