LA Times Crossword 13 Jun 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 13 Jun 21, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Jelly Roll Morton genre RAGTIME
8 Benjamin C-SPOT
13 Kind of manner BEDSIDE
20 Repertoire ARSENAL
21 Riveting WWII icon ROSIE
22 Volatile solvent ACETONE
23 Irish region named for a literary nobleman? COUNTY DRACULA (from “Count Dracula”)
25 Vehicle in a pit RACE CAR
26 Works with purls KNITS
27 Easy comparison ABC
28 Heartache SORROW
30 “Star Wars” antagonist SITH
31 Commiseration at a cookout? BARBECUE PITY (from “barbecue pit”)
35 Inquire ASK
38 Advance with determination SOLDIER ON
40 “The Purloined Letter” author POE
41 Cream additive ALOE
42 __-jongg MAH
45 Normandy city CAEN
46 Bro, for one SIB
48 Spent ALL IN
49 Bouquets AROMAS
51 Sham indignation? IMITATION FURY (from “imitation fur”)
56 Italian city near the tip of the boot CAPISTRANO
59 Athlete-turned-sportscaster Rashad AHMAD
60 “Weeds” law org. DEA
61 Word with rule or show SLIDE …
62 Wears down ERODES
65 USG successor RBH
66 “It’s __ a while” BEEN
67 Excited cry from a gemologist? AY, THERE’S THE RUBY (from “Ay, there’s the rub”)
71 Short rules? REGS
74 Female lobster HEN
75 Wells’ island doctor MOREAU
76 Degrade ABASE
80 Junior Olympic Games org. AAU
81 __ Tranquility SEA OF
83 Feature of much commercial maple syrup ADDED SUGAR
85 Dilemma presented by a suspicious peace offering? TRICK OR TREATY (from “trick or treat”)
89 “Yeah, right!” OH SURE!
90 Ho-hum feeling ENNUI
91 India is home to a plurality of its employees IBM
92 __ Victoria LAKE
94 Remote needs AAS
95 “Do-Re-Mi” critter DEER
96 Three Kingdoms Chinese state WEI
99 Trading post visitors BARTERERS
103 Nutrition fig. RDA
104 Young farm animals’ taxi company? CALVES’ LIVERY (from “calves’ liver”)
106 Radio switch AM/FM
110 Middle Jackson sister LA TOYA
111 Uzbekistan, once: Abbr. SSR
112 Farm song letters E-I-E-I-O
113 Coup member? SILENT P
116 Cues from the Miracles’ lead singer? SMOKEY SIGNALS (from “smoke signals”)
121 Loom power source TREADLE
122 White-plumed heron EGRET
123 Hot air PRATTLE
124 Gave the okay SAID YES
125 Framing supports STUDS
126 Night flights RED-EYES


Number Clues Answers
1 Spaces for spices RACKS
2 Rice-__ A-RONI
3 Astronaut’s apparel G-SUIT
4 5, in 2.5 TENTHS
5 QB’s concerns INTS
6 5, in 5/8, say MAY
7 The past, in the past ELD
8 Buster of old Hollywood CRABBE
9 Game with strikers SOCCER
10 Nittany Lions’ sch. PSU
11 Jed Clampett’s find OIL
12 Needle TEASE
13 Hispanic city area BARRIO
14 Whist relative ECARTE
15 Shill DECOY
16 Booyah or bouillabaisse STEW
17 Games org. IOC
18 CSI stuff DNA
19 Poetic adverb E’ER
24 __ to go: eager, colloquially RARIN’
29 On the facing pg. OPP
31 Really good time BLAST
32 Block ending -ADE
33 Mozart’s “__ fan tutte” COSI
34 Textbook segment UNIT
35 Refer (to) ALLUDE
36 Nighttime shindig SOIREE
37 Ugandan neighbor KENYAN
39 “The Plough and the Stars” playwright Sean O’CASEY
41 TV alien ALF
42 Apple offerings MACS
43 Depleted sea ARAL
44 Southwestern native HOPI
47 Song cry heard here, there and everywhere? BAA!
48 Furthermore AND
50 Golden touch king MIDAS
51 “You __ out?” IN OR
52 Internet link MODEM
53 Sequence of online posts THREAD
54 Saturate IMBRUE
55 Nicole Kidman’s island birthplace OAHU
57 Try again REHEAR
58 Playground crack? ARE NOT!
63 That, to Tito ESO
64 Classic Fender, for short STRAT
66 One way to get around town BY BUS
68 Vincent van Gogh’s brother THEO
69 Actress Lamarr HEDY
70 Harsh critic BASHER
71 Very violent, perhaps RATED R
72 Made EARNED
73 Mali neighbor GUINEA
77 Río contents AGUA
78 Poet Teasdale SARA
79 Cockney toast opener ‘ERE’S …
81 __ lodge SKI
82 “Good” day occurring once a yr. FRI
84 “Okey-__!” DOKEY
86 Snake CUR
87 Declines EBBS
88 Human rights lawyer Clooney AMAL
92 Skeptical LEERY
93 BOS posting ARR
96 Rooster feature WATTLE
97 Runs off to wed ELOPES
98 Boston __ IVY
100 Wagered RISKED
101 Den furnishings TV SETS
102 Jeanne d’Arc, par exemple SAINTE
104 Reese’s output CANDY
105 Relieves EASES
107 Rich, as tomato sauce MEATY
108 Dijon daughter FILLE
109 Exodus leader MOSES
110 It’s usually played by a star LEAD
112 “Yikes!” EGAD!
113 Mark and Luke: Abbr. STS
114 “Deathtrap” playwright Levin IRA
115 Island garland LEI
117 Co. heads MGT
118 Okla. campus with a Prayer Tower ORU
119 6-Down is in it: Abbr. SPR
120 Hot state IRE