LA Times Crossword 15 Feb 21, Monday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 15 Feb 21, Monday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 15 Feb 21, Monday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Impertinent talk SASS
5 Man __: 1920 Horse of the Year O’ WAR
9 Avoid failing PASS
13 Sunburn-soothing balm ALOE
14 Earring holder LOBE
15 __ God: earthquake, e.g. ACT OF
17 *Test of hand strength PINCH GRIP
19 Danger PERIL
20 “It’s the __ I can do” LEAST
21 Grown-up MATURE
22 Take place OCCUR
25 Refine, as skills HONE
27 Drink with a polar bear mascot ICEE
28 Gave voice to SAID
29 *Ski resort purchase LIFT TICKET
31 Diagram for Web navigation SITEMAP
33 “Game of Thrones” channel HBO
34 At some future point ONE DAY
35 It’s given in the form of a question on “Jeopardy!” ANSWER
40 Soccer official REF
42 “Goosebumps” series author RL STINE
43 *Accidentally call without touching one’s cellphone POCKET-DIAL
48 Contributes ADDS
49 Ohio border lake ERIE
50 Pungent flavor TANG
51 Brittany port city BREST
52 Give in (to) ACCEDE
54 Patronized, as a diner ATE AT
56 Circle or polygon SHAPE
57 Express lack of interest on Tinder … or a hint to the answers to starred clues SWIPE LEFT
61 Downy duck EIDER
62 Compress, with “down” TAMP …
63 Idris of “The Wire” ELBA
64 Fix, as socks DARN
65 Salon selections DYES
66 Lose traction SKID


Number Clues Answers
1 Maple-syrup-to-be SAP
2 “Baby Cobra” comic Wong ALI
3 Jaden, to Will Smith SON
4 Peacefully hidden, as a retreat SECLUDED
5 Lingerie brand OLGA
6 Bow down to, perhaps WORSHIP
7 Not very much A BIT OF
8 Sales agent REP
9 Daddy PAPA
10 Acid type found in vinegar ACETIC
11 Found in abundance, as oil STRUCK
12 Evening party SOIREE
16 Group of ships FLEET
18 Billy Joel’s “Tell __ About It” HER
21 NYC museum’s fundraising gala MET BALL
22 Bone, in Bologna OSSO
23 Biblical brother CAIN
24 Make mention of CITE
26 High math degree NTH
29 Baby shower gift LAYETTE
30 Charged particles IONS
32 Female in a stable MARE
36 Takes by surprise STARTLES
37 Double-__ trailer WIDE
38 What means may justify ENDS
39 “Don’t play” symbol, in music REST
41 Med-approving agcy. FDA
42 Scott Joplin’s music RAGTIME
43 “__ porridge hot … ” PEASE
44 Corsage flower ORCHID
45 Loud insect CICADA
46 Lighthouse guardian KEEPER
47 Sort of IN A WAY
51 Modern honey BAE
53 Laura who won an Oscar for “Marriage Story” DERN
55 Omar of “House” EPPS
57 Part of EST: Abbr. STD
58 Rockies bugler ELK
59 DOJ division FBI
60 Wee amount TAD