LA Times Crossword 18 Jul 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 18 Jul 21, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Wretched ABJECT
7 Mount Rainier gateway TACOMA
13 Hoops statistic ASSIST
19 Taste FLAVOR
20 In favor of Mideast unity PAN-ARAB
21 Arty CHICHI
22 The drive-through diner scene that was cut became a __ TAKEOUT OUTTAKE
24 Right after this HEREON
25 Fall garden? EDEN
26 Riverbank residue SILT
27 Parisian season ETE
28 Vote of support AYE
29 What Jill has that Jack doesn’t? DOT
30 Break REST
31 Stab TRY
32 1956 title film monster RODAN
34 Smart NATTY
36 The girls who spent the night prioritized chat time at the __ SLEEPOVER OVER SLEEP
41 LP’s 33 1/3 RPM
44 Browsing annoyances ADS
45 Wordless agreement NOD
46 Sugary ending -OSE
47 Reduce PARE
48 Long YEARN
50 Shot __: competitive event PUT
51 Privileged people ELITE
53 When the dog got loose, some house plants __ ENDED UP UPENDED
57 False front FACADE
63 Get into DON
64 What a stationary orrery part may represent SUN
65 Clarifying Latin words ID EST
67 Grew dimmer WANED
68 Sweetens, as yams CANDIES
70 Iraqi currency DINAR
72 Modified for the better AMENDED
74 Private INNER
75 Barely sufficient SCANT
77 Stroke that makes a rally irrelevant ACE
78 Surrealist German-French painter ARP
79 Gazes fixedly STARES
81 The casual quarterback made an __ OFFHAND HANDOFF
86 Expand ADD TO
88 Bossy utterance MOO
89 African capital on the 30th parallel CAIRO
90 “It is a __ told by an idiot”: Macbeth TALE
94 What chatty tongues do? WAG
95 Poke fun at KID
96 Mrs., in Madrid SRA
98 Apply a new hue to DYE
99 A navel ring is a piercing one may __ WEAR UNDER UNDERWEAR
105 It has pipes and keys ORGAN
106 Source of some overhead footage DRONE
107 Apple operating system IOS
108 Hadrian’s defense WALL
112 Follow (along) closely TAG
113 “It totally happened!” WAY!
115 Memorable first name in soccer MIA
116 Small racer KART
117 Sailing ASEA
118 Indicating stress ITALIC
120 The fast-learning police cadet had the __ PAT-DOWN DOWN PAT
123 Most trifling MEREST
124 Fail to take seriously SNEER AT
125 Red-skinned root RADISH
126 Current events? EDDIES
127 Soaked through SODDEN
128 Demands and gets EXACTS


Number Clues Answers
1 Following AFTER
2 Business end of an ax BLADE
3 “North and South” trilogy author John __ JAKES
4 Track contests EVENTS
5 Bill’s partner COO
6 Confided in TRUSTED
7 Showing strain TAUT
8 One lining up for food? ANT
9 Took care of the food CATERED
10 Strong speaker ORATOR
11 Be resourceful MAKE DO
12 Prez on a penny ABE
13 Feeling it after a workout ACHY
14 Lusters SHEENS
15 Honorary title SIR
16 Picnic pitcherful ICED TEA
17 NBA’s Steph Curry, frequently SHOOTER
18 Early photograph TINTYPE
20 Sea anemone, e.g. POLYP
23 Gives out TIRES
28 “__ of robins …”: Kilmer A NEST
33 Refrains from AVOIDS
35 The Eiger, for one ALP
37 Secure, as a job or a role LAND
38 “Get __”: James Brown biopic ON UP
39 Choose at the polls VOTE
40 Shipping hazard REEF
41 Bread-making grain RYE
42 Locket, for one PENDANT
43 Singer/actress known as the “Queen of Pop” MADONNA
49 Cause to become RENDER
50 Mae West’s “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted,” e.g. PUN
51 Icelandic literary work EDDA
52 Sidelong glance LEER
54 Consume USE
55 Kitty PUSS
56 Beethoven’s __ NINTH
58 Response to the sublime AWE
59 Largest English-speaking country CANADA
60 Google operating system ANDROID
61 Cook, as much county fair fare DEEP-FRY
62 Announcer Hall EDD
66 Gauge on the dash TACH
68 Opposite of trans CIS
69 Hot temper IRE
70 Inane DAFT
71 Lowdown INFO
73 “Give __ minute” ME A
76 Often “old” eccentric CODGER
77 Big deal ADO
80 Like fireplace logs SAWN
82 Within AMID
83 Plant stem joint NODE
84 Final Four org. NCAA
85 Moriarty, to Holmes FOE
87 __ longlegs DADDY
90 Cheat on one’s sweet, say TWO-TIME
91 Freshened up, in a way AERATED
92 Slowpoke LAGGARD
93 Often titled stretch ERA
95 Massaged KNEADED
96 Excalibur, e.g. SWORD
97 Put back as it was RESTORE
100 Not sensible UNWISE
101 Pecorino __ cheese ROMANO
102 __ Kingdom UNITED
103 Laughing RIANT
104 Its capital is Kigali RWANDA
109 Gelatin garnish ASPIC
110 “Not in the __” LEAST
111 Framework strips LATHS
114 Book after John ACTS
116 Nine-time U.S. skating champ Michelle KWAN
119 Gift with an aloha LEI
120 Brief afterthoughts PSS
121 Metal source ORE
122 Become more intense, as the moon WAX