LA Times Crossword 18 Jun 21, Friday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 18 Jun 21, Friday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Jokers WAGS
5 Small ball on a string PEARL
10 Emulated APED
14 Classic Langston Hughes poem I, TOO
15 Portmanteau metal producer ALCOA
16 Alley unit LANE
17 Winter wear made from tusks? IVORY COATS (from “Ivory Coast”)
19 __-FREE: contact lens solution OPTI
20 Asian holiday TET
21 Publishers ISSUERS
23 Onetime Tide competitor RINSO
26 Less formal alternative to a toga TUNIC
28 Like many AARP mems. RET
29 “A Chorus Line” number ONE
30 Routines for barbecuing? WIENIE ROTES (from “wienie roast”)
33 Blows it ERRS
35 Mythical monster ORC
36 Airport abbr. ARR
37 Cuts back on one’s livestock business? GIVES UP THE GOATS (from “gives up the ghost”)
43 Classified ad abbr. EEO
44 Charged item ION
45 Respectful group address SIRS
46 Carryalls made by Dior? FRENCH TOTES (from “French toast”)
51 PC linkup LAN
52 Long, long time EON
53 Loudly laments KEENS
54 First signs of smoke WISPS
56 Manhattan theater district locale MIDTOWN
58 Blame PIN
59 Others, in Latin ALII
60 Useless castle defenses? INNER MOATS (from “innermost”)
66 Advance LEND
67 “Cool!” NEATO!
68 Google results URLS
69 Not at all cool EDGY
70 Midas’ undoing GREED
71 What boors lack TACT


Number Clues Answers
1 Popular console since 2006 WII
2 Off-roader’s purchase, for short ATV
3 Muck GOO
4 Varieties SORTS
5 Dispute resolution PACT
6 “Do Ya” rock gp. ELO
7 2010 health law: Abbr. ACA
8 Twisty pasta ROTINI
9 Classic movie girl played by a boy LASSIE
10 1966 N.L. batting champ Matty ALOU
11 Hard-copy evidence PAPER TRAILS
12 Main course preceder, in France ENTREE
13 Jefferson et al., religiously DEISTS
18 “Ouch!” YEOW!
22 Scrawny one SCRAG
23 “The Witches” (1990) director Nicolas ROEG
24 Calvary inscription INRI
25 Source of feelings NERVE ENDING
26 Md. athlete TERP
27 Religious fervor UNCTION
31 Chit IOU
32 Top medals, in Barcelona OROS
34 Caught in the act SEEN
38 Smashing SOCKO
39 Have the __ for HOTS
40 Chicago-to-Lansing dir. ENE
41 Trick, in a way TRAP
46 Doe, for one FEMALE
47 Stirred up ROILED
48 Wielding an axe HEWING
49 One percent of a G TENNER
50 Dip SWIM
55 Two-way, as a door IN/OUT
57 Like some sums TIDY
58 Egg on PROD
61 Dumfries denial NAE
62 Automne preceder ETE
63 Altar in the sky ARA
64 Help for a sad BFF TLC
65 Retired flier SST