LA Times Crossword 18 Nov 21, Thursday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 18 Nov 21, Thursday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 18 Nov 21, Thursday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Apply softly DAB
4 Indy 500 leader PACE CAR
11 About 40 gallons of it makes a gallon of syrup usually SAP
14 GPS calculation ETA
15 Mollusk with a nacreous shell ABALONE
16 Gp. for moms and dads PTA
17 Particles from far, far away COSMIC RADIATION (hiding “ADRIATIC” changed)
20 Burger topping ONION
21 23andMe subject DNA
22 Lena Dunham TV show GIRLS
23 Dog topping RELISH
25 To wit NAMELY
26 Wind-driven clouds SCUD
28 Hereditary unit GENE
29 Riddle end, maybe WHAT AM I?
32 2001 NBA MVP Allen IVERSON
36 Goal AIM
37 Student, ideally LEARNER
39 Runner Down Under EMU
40 Zoom alternative SKYPE
42 Race part LEG
43 Over AGAIN
45 Brazilian soccer great PELE
46 Responds to a phone solicitation, perhaps GIVES
48 Improvs, e.g. ACTS
49 Eye-bending genre OP ART
51 Fiennes of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” RALPH
53 Drops off before midday? DEW
55 Easy throw LOB
56 “Later” BYE
57 Words With Friends, for one APP
60 Post-teaching title for some EMERITA
62 Latvia neighbor ESTONIA
64 Fluorescent element? SILENT C
65 Like many a wedding planner ENGAGED
66 “It’s just a flesh wound” I’LL BE OK
67 Repair crew with tiles ROOFERS


Number Clues Answers
1 Interior designer’s specialty DECOR
2 Make reparations ATONE
3 Margherita pizza herb BASIL
4 It tops out at ten in a doctor’s office PAIN SCALE (hiding “CASPIAN” changed)
5 “Mixed-ish” airer ABC
6 Calling or playing follower … CARD
7 Stylish vigor ELAN
8 Musical symbol resembling a set of crosshairs CODA
9 Young Darth ANI
10 When the Cold War ended REAGAN ERA (hiding “AEGEAN” changed)
11 Pinnacle of religion? SPIRE
12 Coral island ATOLL
13 Violet hybrid PANSY
18 Like eyes starting to tear up MOIST
19 Dingy kitchen item? TIMER
24 “A Treatise of Human Nature” author HUME
25 Campbell of “Scream” films NEVE
27 Ease up DIAL IT BACK (hiding “BALTIC” changed)
28 Spiced brew GINGER BEER (hiding “BERGIN” changed)
29 Paper-nest builder WASP
30 Backpack, e.g. HIKE
31 1926 Pulitzer-winning poet AMY LOWELL (hiding “YELLOW” changed)
33 Dramatic shift … or what’s literally found in each set of circles? SEA CHANGE
34 Neglect to mention OMIT
35 Sisters in the 2017 film “The Little Hours” NUNS
38 Excite, with “up” REV …
41 Exuberance PEP
44 Gender __ GAP
46 Underground recess GROTTO
47 Declines SAYS NO
50 Flared dress style A-LINE
52 Released LET GO
53 Arnaz of early TV DESI
54 Painter Nolde EMIL
58 Place to drop a line PIER
59 Paw parts PADS
61 1860s gray REB
63 Klutz OAF