LA Times Crossword 2 Jun 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 2 Jun 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 2 Jun 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Observing Yom Kippur, say ON A FAST
8 Gumbo pod OKRA
12 Location tools RADARS
18 Fiction genre ROMANCE
19 Complain MOAN
20 Radioactive element URANIUM
22 Bash in a boxcar? FREIGHT PARTY (from “frat party”)
24 Capillary? MINI-VEIN (from “minivan”)
26 __ Mae FANNIE
27 Till fill ONES
28 Auditing pros CPAS
29 Back in the day, back in the day ERST
30 Some research aids TOMES
32 “My Way” lyricist ANKA
34 Tourist trap trinkets KITSCH
36 “I need a few __” SECS
39 Continuously EVER
41 Entered carefully EASED IN
44 White wine apéritif KIR
45 Senior taking lessons? GRAYED STUDENT (from “grad student”)
47 Dubious “gift” GAB
50 Goodnight woman of song IRENE
52 Marsh plant CATTAIL
53 California town whose name means “the river” EL RIO
55 Stops DEPOTS
57 Field with many partners LAW
58 Golfer Trevino LEE
59 Understands, as a radio message READS
60 Gas supplied in Canada by Imperial Oil ESSO
61 Provide money for ENDOW
64 Cat food source TUNA CAN
66 Bind with a line LASH
68 Minor combat injuries? BATTLE ACHES (from “battleaxe”)
72 Hideouts DENS
73 Aboveboard ETHICAL
75 Fluff or flub ERROR
76 Dubai dignitary EMIR
78 Birch of “American Beauty” THORA
79 __ result AS A
82 Title for Robinson MRS
83 Heavy rain aftermath RUNOFF
86 Riots HOOTS
87 Some discriminators SEXISTS
90 Capri, locally ISOLA
91 N.C. winter hours EST


Number Clues Answers
1 “Carmina Burana” composer ORFF
2 18-Across writer Roberts NORA
3 “Absolutely!” AMEN!
4 Passes out FAINTS
5 Cardio procedure ANGIO
6 One creating plots SCHEMER
7 Asian holiday TET
8 Land on its own gulf OMAN
9 Divided land KOREA
10 Disorderly place RAT’S NEST
11 Vague number ANY
12 Beef cut RUMP
13 Song for a diva ARIA
14 Women’s workout wear brand DANSKIN
15 Young Skywalker’s nickname ANI
16 Fix firmly RIVET
17 Court figures SUERS
21 Catchall category: Abbr. MISC
23 “Best in Show” actress Parker __ POSEY
25 Maximum NTH
28 Invitation notation CASUAL
31 Sister of Zsa Zsa EVA
33 William of “Carrie” KATT
35 Supervised hospital resident INTERN
36 Cause of a road mark SKID
37 The Auld Sod EIRE
38 Pancake cookbook photo session? CREPE SHOOT (from “crapshoot”)
40 Take back RECANT
42 Falco of “The Sopranos” EDIE
43 Computer key DELETE
45 Comes down with GETS
46 Opposite of rush DAWDLE
47 Source of elegance? GRACE ROOTS (from “grass roots”)
48 Actor Quinn AIDAN
49 Petty officers, briefly BO’S’NS
51 First line of a three-line eatery sign NO SHIRT …
54 Introductions LEAD-INS
56 Japanese noodle SOBA
57 Tennis call LET!
62 Done, to Donne O’ER
63 Hospitality WARMTH
65 Geek Squad client USER
66 Underworld river LETHE
67 One of a Dumas trio ATHOS
69 Denali National Park state ALASKA
70 Victoria’s Secret purchase CORSET
71 Store posting: Abbr. HRS
74 Algiers citadel CASBAH
77 “Our National Parks” author MUIR
80 Look SEEM
81 Geometry basics AXIOMS
84 Criticism FLAK
85 They’re often for the home team FANS
88 __-European INDO
89 Recent medical research subject STEM CELL
93 Sets down ALIGHTS
94 __ sprawl URBAN
95 Frat. counterpart SOR
96 Marathoner’s need STAMINA
100 If nothing changes AS IT IS
101 Salon supply GEL
102 Stat relative ASAP
103 Directory entries NAMES
104 Because of DUE TO
106 Con man’s partner SHILL
108 Tasteless TACKY
111 “Every great architect is … a great __”: Wright POET
112 Lhasa __ APSO
114 Some groceries IGAS
116 “__ yellow ribbon … ” TIE A
117 Promising ROSY
118 Tolkien creatures ENTS
120 “Argo” spy gp. CIA
121 Doctor’s charge FEE
122 Omen in “Jaws” (besides the music) FIN