LA Times Crossword 2 May 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 2 May 21, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 2 May 21, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Nutty green sauce PESTO
6 Balance scale pair PANS
10 Blockheads OAFS
14 Brazilian music genre SAMBA
19 Church part ALTAR
20 Create a diversion for, maybe ABET
21 Connive PLOT
22 Egg producer OVARY
23 Triumph in the schoolroom? CHALK UP A VICTORY
26 Black tea variety PEKOE
27 Flier in the wind KITE
28 Herbal tea TISANE
29 Spill the beans TELL
31 British stables MEWS
32 She, in Siena ESSA
34 Noses out EDGES
36 Crusty ocean growth SEA MAT
38 Triumph at a hockey arena? SAVE THE DAY
41 Dr.’s order? AMA
43 Hit a few pubs BAR-HOP
46 “Aladdin” prince ALI
47 Commercial suffix with wheat -ENA
48 Figureheads may be seen on them PROWS
50 Legal encumbrances LIENS
51 Edison rival TESLA
53 Like some relations SPATIAL
57 Order including whales and dolphins CETACEA
59 Words to live by AXIOM
60 Triumph in a bakery? TAKE THE CAKE
62 Final: Abbr. ULT
63 Alliance acronym NATO
64 Catalog LIST
65 GPS suggestions RTES
66 “American Dad!” channel TBS
67 Digression TANGENT
71 Got it right, luckily GUESSED
74 Rural turndown NAW
77 Drummer Ulrich LARS
78 Take a chance DARE
79 Some from France UNES
83 Prefix for the birds AVI-
84 Triumph on drums? BEAT THE ODDS
88 Corrupt TAINT
89 Words that can be generous yet uncompromising I INSIST
91 One making a big withdrawal? RECLUSE
92 “Ragged Dick” author ALGER
93 Truman veep Barkley ALBEN
94 Budget, in brand names ECONO
96 Youngest woman to serve in the U.S. Congress, familiarly AOC
98 Eur. realm until 1806 HRE
99 Orville Wright’s birth city DAYTON
101 Author Beattie ANN
102 Triumph at the mountain summit? END UP ON TOP
106 Catalog ASSORT
108 Black cattle breed ANGUS
110 “Hang on __ … ” A SEC
111 It follows copper on the periodic table ZINC
113 Astronaut’s insignia NASA
115 Sagittarius, e.g. ARCHER
117 Romances WOOS
120 Love, in Rome AMORE
122 Triumph at a comedy club? GET THE LAST LAUGH
125 Asked POSED
126 Brontë heroine EYRE
127 Rockefeller Center muralist SERT
128 Be on the same page AGREE
129 Unfairly presents SKEWS
130 Campus bigwig DEAN
131 Doesn’t guzzle SIPS
132 Parcels (out) METES


Number Clues Answers
1 Prepare for a trip PACK
2 K-12, in education ELHI
3 Occasion for pomp at a national capital STATE VISIT
4 “Honor Thy Father” author TALESE
5 Mork’s planet ORK
6 Red Sox star Big __ PAPI
7 Degraded ABASED
8 Locally, its first “a” is pronounced as in “trap” NEVADA
9 Scroogean STINGY
10 Decide to leave, with “out” OPT …
11 Almost all the time A LOT
12 Anticipated FORESAW
13 Class STYLE
14 Absorb, with “up” SOP …
15 Prayer set to music by Schubert and Gounod AVE MARIA
16 Triumph at a salon? MAKE THE CUT
17 Sweat spot BROW
18 Roll call calls AYES
24 Many a Mormon UTAHN
25 Average mark CEE
30 Chocolate __ LAB
33 Cook, as clams STEAM
35 Connor of “Terminator” films SARAH
37 White lap dog MALTESE
38 “Paradise Lost” figure SATAN
39 Singer/songwriter __ Ray Joel ALEXA
40 How Phileas Fogg traveled EAST
42 Infiltrator MOLE
44 Deli counter qty. ONE LB
45 HS exams PSATS
48 “Moneyball” co-star PITT
49 Beats it SCATS
52 Haul from a job LOOT
54 Least healthy-looking PALEST
55 Analogous AKIN
56 Road __ TEST
58 Barely gets, with “out” EKES …
61 Doctrines to live by CREEDS
68 Some rats ALBINOS
69 Scot’s nots NAES
70 Fireplace piece GRATE
71 London lockup GAOL
72 Language of Lahore URDU
73 Word with control or purpose DUAL-
74 River nymph NAIAD
75 Hometown of St. Teresa AVILA
76 Triumph at the winery? WIN BY A NOSE
78 Like New York’s Chrysler Building DECO
80 ’80s-’90s Harry Anderson sitcom NIGHT COURT
81 Año starter ENERO
82 Throat condition STREP
85 2010 sci-fi sequel subtitled “Legacy” TRON
86 Salon coloring HENNA
87 12-time NFL Pro Bowler Junior SEAU
88 Tuesday dish? TACOS
90 Tightening device SET SCREW
95 Colorful marble CAT’S EYE
97 Eyeball-bending display OP ART
100 Nice turndown? NON
102 Barnum “attraction” EGRESS
103 Cores NUCLEI
104 E-flat equivalent D-SHARP
105 Meditative music genre NEW-AGE
107 Continued violently, as a storm RAGED
109 “Bad idea” NAH
111 Nukes ZAPS
112 “Don’t worry about me” I’M OK
114 Trac II cousin ATRA
116 Ballpark figs. ESTS
118 S-shaped molding OGEE
119 “__ Gotta Have It”: Spike Lee film SHE’S
121 Masthead contents, briefly EDS
123 Gymnast’s goal TEN
124 Speedy escape LAM