LA Times Crossword 20 Oct 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 20 Oct 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 20 Oct 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Dojo maneuver CHOP
5 Guitarist Joe of The Eagles WALSH
10 Wilts SAGS
14 Start of an incantation ABRA-
18 The last Mrs. Chaplin OONA
19 Slow down BRAKE
20 Shiraz’s land IRAN
21 Trickle SEEP
22 Awesome product component? CHILL FACTOR
24 Awesome mattress covering? DOPE SHEET
26 Step on it INSOLE
27 Stuck a fork in STABBED
29 Glenn Miller Orchestra singer Ray EBERLE
30 Immortal name in dance ASTAIRE
32 Ultimatum word ELSE
33 Staring-into-space experiences TRANCES
34 DEA agent NARCO
36 Court game word ALAI
39 Routine ACT
40 Stubborn critter ASS
43 Awesome plumbing connector? TIGHT FITTING
48 Tiny toiler ANT
49 Fall collection? LEAVES
51 More consequence? MERRIER
52 Poetic adverb OFT
54 “__ & Basie”: 1963 jazz collaboration ELLA
55 “True Detective” actor McNairy SCOOT
56 Bump from the schedule PREEMPT
60 Peacock’s pride PLUMAGE
64 QVC sister channel HSN
65 Shot in the arm BOOST
66 Wall St. hedger ARB
68 Awesome hobby? HOT PURSUIT
70 Awesome hunting dog? HIP POINTER
72 Bit of legal advice SUE
73 Lose control GO APE
74 Chicken dinner choice LEG
75 Support ENDORSE
76 Gallivant TRAIPSE
78 Sound NOISE
80 Wine choice ROSE
81 Originally called NEE
82 Tool in a kit NAIL GUN
84 Shadowed TAILED
86 Low-tech note-taking aid PAD
88 Awesome entitlement? RADICAL RIGHT
91 Snake’s sound SSS
92 Zodiac animal RAM
93 Vacation spot ISLE
94 “Truly, the souls of men are full of __”: Shak. DREAD


Number Clues Answers
1 Movie mogul Harry and sportscaster Linda COHNS
2 Lift HOIST
3 Checked out at the library ON LOAN
4 Ease, as symptoms PALLIATE
5 Ring org. WBA
6 Scythe blade shapes ARCS
7 Starbucks serving LATTE
8 Bar word meaning “cup” in Danish SKOAL
9 Sage and thyme HERBS
10 Pro or con SIDE
11 2000s Yankee nickname A-ROD
12 Sign of something missing GAP
13 Unkind look SNEER
14 Whitish ASHEN
15 Tailgate party recyclable BEER CAN
16 Campaign poster word RE-ELECT
17 Most pertinent APTEST
22 Org. in Clancy novels CIA
23 Wheel inventor FERRIS
25 Govt. agency that aids entrepreneurs SBA
28 “Get lost!” BEAT IT!
31 Hosp. readout ECG
33 Bolivian export TIN
35 Units of resistance OHMS
37 ’80s-’90s Compaq laptop model LTE
38 Prepare sans oil, as a movie treat AIR-POP
40 Israeli leaders? ALEPHS
41 Betray SELL OUT
42 Soldier, at times SALUTER
44 Electronics whiz TECHIE
45 “Mending Wall” poet FROST
46 Wrinkle remover IRON
47 Continues GOES ON
48 Supplier of bills ATM
50 Seductress VAMP
53 Far from fragrant FETID
57 It may be skipped ROPE
58 Security rounds PATROLS
59 Locks TRESSES
61 Bellow title hero March AUGIE
62 One looking for a switch, maybe GROPER
63 Those, in Tijuana ESAS
65 Coastal California scenic attraction BIG SUR
67 Basenji and Borzoi BREEDS
69 Flips UPENDS
70 Katherine of “Suits” HEIGL
71 Edible seaweed NORI
74 1970 Kinks hit LOLA
77 What’s more AND
78 Like Miss Congeniality NICEST
79 Writer Bagnold ENID
83 Trouble AIL
84 Prominent, after “on” … THE MAP
85 “ but it’ll cost you” AT A PRICE
86 __ tax PAYROLL
87 “The Bourne Identity” malady AMNESIA
89 Assist AID
90 Test for M.A. seekers GRE
92 Yeshiva leaders RABBIS
95 One involved in a speculative “bubble” DOT-COM
97 Fix, as a hem RESEW
98 AIDS-fighting drug AZT
99 Salon overhaul NEW DO
101 Bridge positions WESTS
102 Novelist Shaw IRWIN
103 Actress Davis GEENA
105 Kipling’s “__-Tikki-Tavi” RIKKI
106 Less well ILLER
107 Word of support AYE
109 Small change CENT
110 Bothers ADOS
111 Critter on XING signs DEER
114 Notable time ERA
116 Word of reproof TSK