LA Times Crossword 21 Jul 19, Sunday

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Number Clues Answers
1 One of the Magi CASPAR
7 Exotic pet IGUANA
13 Bushel quartet PECKS
18 Largest of the British Virgin Islands TORTOLA
19 Future looie, perhaps NONCOM
20 Hot wings did him in ICARUS
22 Pass receiver somewhat separated from the offensive line WIDEOUT
23 Male reproductive system part PROSTATE GLAND
25 Antique clock molding OGEE
26 Brawls MELEES
28 Nautica competitor IZOD
30 Advice pseudonym for 56 years ANN LANDERS
32 Bouncing baby? JOEY
33 Cloth-dyeing craft BATIK
35 Venice vessel GONDOLA
37 Big name in Scotch DEWAR
40 Chuck who wrote “Black Belt Patriotism” NORRIS
42 Farmwork TILLAGE
47 In opposition to ATHWART
50 Easily seen sign NEON
51 Christmas tree decorations GARLANDS
52 Plainsong singers CHANTERS
54 Bat used in practice FUNGO
57 Tailor’s line HEM
58 Afro-Asian land EGYPT
60 Grieg’s language NORSK
62 Bread holder PAN
63 Hitchcock’s wife and collaborator ALMA
65 Immiscible combo OIL AND WATER
68 “Good golly!” MY MY!
71 “__ durn tootin’!” YER
74 Clog cousin SABOT
76 1972 host to Nixon MAO
77 Unsettled one? DEBTOR
80 Cosmonaut Vladimir TITOV
82 Hunter’s quarry GAME BIRD
84 Orally defames SLANDERS
86 Greeting from Kermit HI-HO!
88 Neckwear in some Native American traditions BOLO TIE
90 Pain HASSLE
92 Devoted LOYAL
93 Hammer or stirrup EAR BONE
95 What Dorothy did, for most of the “Wizard of Oz” movie DREAMT
98 Insurance card amount COPAY
102 Uber __: food delivery service EATS
103 Architect’s task PLAN DESIGN
107 Grace conclusion AMEN
108 Started, as a co. ESTD


Number Clues Answers
1 __ of vantage: favorable position COIGN
2 “I met a fool i’ the forest” forest ARDEN
3 Post-apocalyptic 1987 Patrick Swayze film STEEL DAWN
4 Suffix with malti- and cocka- -POO
5 Boosters, often ALUMNI
6 Like entertainment software with a “17+” restriction RATED M
7 Face-to-face IN PERSON
8 ’90s second family GORES
9 Juan’s “some” UNOS
10 Rm. coolers ACS
11 Whims NOTIONS
12 Blew away AMAZED
13 Like some horses PIED
14 Common ER test ECG
15 __ lily CALLA
16 Wurst topping KRAUT
17 Branch of Islam SUNNI
18 Old draft deferment TWO-A
21 St. with the second-smallest capital SDAK
24 Nikkei index giant TOYOTA
27 Former secretary of defense Panetta LEON
31 Gas up? AERATE
32 Icon after “Not a member?” JOIN NOW
33 Shape, as dough BALL UP
35 Source of electrical interference GROUND NOISE
36 Old Pisa dough LIRE
37 Russian retreat DACHA
38 “I Love Lucy” role ETHEL
39 Electric guitar vibrato producer WHAMMY BAR
41 Ringmaster? REF
43 Calif. NFLer LA RAM
44 Witness protection plan? ANONYMITY
45 Econ. measure GDP
46 Pueblo pronoun ESA
48 __ Park: Queens area REGO
49 “Have a taste” TRY IT
51 Attend by oneself GO STAG
53 Leaves SPLITS
55 Mardi __ GRAS
59 Filmmaker Jacques TATI
61 Barbecue fare KEBAB
64 Big name in insurance AETNA
66 “Famous” Coney Island contest sponsor NATHAN’S
67 Ex-Cowboy quarterback Tony ROMO
69 Renata Tebaldi contemporary Callas MARIA
70 Swiss Roll-like snack YODEL
72 Comic Dangerfield RODNEY
75 “I’m listening” TELL ME
77 Mil. award DSM
78 Skull and Bones member ELI
79 Prynne’s stigma RED A
81 Old tape initials VHS
83 Metaphorical self-help aid BOOTSTRAP
85 Most endangered RAREST
87 Traditionalist OLD-LINER
90 Workstation shared by employees on different shifts HOT DESK
91 Middle proof word ERAT
94 Sentimentalism BATHOS
96 Website with study guides ENOTES
97 “Meek,” in “Blessed are the meek” ADNOUN
98 Math subj. CALC
99 Missouri River city OMAHA
100 __ colony PENAL
101 Gyneco-‘s opposite ANDRO-
103 Verse alternative PROSE
104 Sherlock’s adversary Adler IRENE
105 Greases (up), as hair GUNKS
106 Court pair NETS
108 Sicily’s only landlocked province ENNA
109 Friendly honk TOOT
112 “Interesting!” OOH!
113 Combat sport, briefly MMA
115 Cody Bellinger stat RBI