LA Times Crossword 26 Sep 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 25 Sep 21, Saturday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 25 Sep 21, Saturday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Chunk SLAB
5 Spill stopper LID
8 Beetle in Egyptian hieroglyphs SCARAB
14 Old Eurasian rulers TSARS
19 Many a restaurant website page MENU
20 Addr. line ending AVE
21 Brother of Scar MUFASA
22 Juice box go-with STRAW
23 Censor of controversial parts of “Messiah”? HANDEL SANITIZER (from “hand sanitizer”)
26 Hold forth ORATE
27 “Top Chef” host Lakshmi PADMA
28 Knish seller DELI
29 __ Morris, “Saved by the Bell” protagonist ZACK
31 Award for good plays OBIE
32 Bagel feature HOLE
34 Spots SEES
36 Emergency delivery method AIRLIFT
38 Family tree woman GREAT-AUNT
42 Cause of restaurant complaints? SALAD DELAYS (from “salad days”)
45 Intraoffice IT system LAN
46 Memo start IN RE
47 Get around FINESSE
48 Conventional rubies? ORTHODOX JEWELS (from “Orthodox Jews”)
53 Choir accompaniment ORGAN
57 20th-century Argentine leader PERON
58 Room in Clue STUDY
59 Original “Star Trek” actor TAKEI
62 Nice way to say yes? OUI
63 Stubborn animal ASS
64 Family room DEN
65 Group email function REPLY ALL
67 A, in Aachen EINE
69 Sign of a cat burglar? FELINE PRINT (from “fine print”)
74 Shoppe modifier OLDE
75 Brand mentioned in the Beatles’ “Come Together” COCA-COLA
77 Golf club part TOE
78 “I pity the fool” speaker MR T
79 Word that’s a homophone of its first letter OWE
80 Willing subjects HEIRS
82 Melodious TONAL
85 BILLY bookcase sellers IKEAS
88 Big dipper LADLE
90 What people and leopards have in common? VOWEL OF SILENCE (from “vow of silence”)
93 Gallery event ART SALE
96 __ top TANK
97 Kinshasa’s country, briefly DRC
98 Stallone hero putting more film in his camera? “ROCKY” RELOAD (from “rocky road”)
102 Research staples DATABASES
104 Sister of Laertes OPHELIA
105 Like yellow bananas RIPE
107 Look for gifts, say SHOP
108 Green and white TEAS
109 Almost never ONCE
112 Greenish-blue TEAL
114 Allow to fluctuate, as a currency UNPEG
117 Type of navel INNIE
119 Enjoy the track meet? CATCH A FEW RELAYS (from “catch a few rays”)
123 Can’t live without NEEDS
124 Bible book read during Purim ESTHER
125 Hardly walking distance FAR
126 Neutral shade ECRU
127 Doesn’t do much IDLES
128 What a broken escalator can serve as, aptly STAIRS
129 “Go for it!” TRY!
130 Loafer, e.g. SHOE


Number Clues Answers
1 “This can’t be,” in texts SMH
2 Faithful spring? LEAP
3 Actress Kendrick ANNA
4 Founder of an Eastern religion BUDDHA
5 Euphoria LA-LA LAND
6 Providers of liquid assets? IVS
7 Out of juice DEAD
8 Cheese alternative? SMILE
9 Adorable ones CUTIES
10 “100 Years… 100 Movies” org. AFI
11 Heckle RAZZ
12 On the briny ASEA
13 Chain of pubs with beer and video games BARCADE
14 General on a menu TSO
15 Tot toter STROLLER
16 Peninsula between the Red Sea and Persian Gulf ARABIA
17 Sanction RATIFY
18 Candy store buys SWEETS
24 Personified things in Pixar’s “Inside Out” EMOTIONS
25 Sticky home? NEST
30 Isn’t serious KIDS
33 Money in Münster EUROS
35 It may be cracked SAFE
37 Prepare for new planting, as a garden RESOIL
38 Zero-star fare GLOP
39 Not seen often RARE
40 Spellbound ENTRANCED
41 On deck NEXT
43 Upbeat melody LILT
44 “Master of None” co-creator Aziz __ ANSARI
49 Book after Daniel HOSEA
50 Dame Dench JUDI
51 First place EDEN
52 Musical Lynn contemporary WYNETTE
54 Commits a hoops violation GOALTENDS
55 “__ Lang Syne” AULD
56 River to the Mediterranean NILE
60 “The Masked Singer” panelist Jeong KEN
61 Able, facetiously EPT
66 Radiohead lead singer/songwriter Thom YORKE
67 Subj. including the study of extinctions ECOL
68 Field of Dreams setting IOWA
69 Nemesis, e.g. FOE
70 Late philanthropist Broad ELI
71 Like tadpoles LARVAL
72 Combine POOL
73 A.G. under Clinton RENO
76 “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Hines CHERYL
78 Biscuit whose name describes its shape MILK-BONE
81 Part for one SOLO
83 Men’s grooming brand AFTA
84 Exams for future attys. LSATS
86 Decent-sized lot ACRE
87 Brief periods SECS
89 Summer cabin site LAKESIDE
91 Sport WEAR
92 Racing the deadline IN A HURRY
94 Chamber music work TRIO
95 Spirited events? SEANCES
98 Corkscrew pasta ROTINI
99 Warmed up the crowd OPENED
100 French fashion house CHANEL
101 Agitated state DITHER
102 Like Beethoven, late in life DEAF
103 Pie fruit APPLES
106 Pie fruit PEARS
110 Ones getting a lot of props? CAST
111 “At Last” singer James ETTA
113 Split LEFT
115 A pop EACH
116 Halal cart offering GYRO
118 Supergirl symbol ESS
120 Greek X CHI
121 Tolstoy title word WAR
122 Refuse to settle SUE