LA Times Crossword 27 Oct 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 27 Oct 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 27 Oct 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Narratives of deeds ACTA
5 Dental alloys AMALGAMS
13 Hamlet relative VILLAGE
20 Bubbly name MOET
21 Attacked aggressively TORE INTO
22 It’s usually taken in twos ASPIRIN
25 He plays Armstrong in “First Man” GOSLING
26 Cub bear :: cria : __ : LLAMA
27 Not quite cuatro TRES
28 Relative of tsk TUT
29 Silent letters? ASL
30 Article in Die Zeit EIN
31 English class assignment ESSAY
34 Colorful Bobby Vinton album (and hit song) BLUE ON BLUE
38 Certain flower cultivator ROSARIAN
40 Town __ CRIER
42 Eur. land on the Atlantic POR
43 Gravlax herb DILL
44 Perform at the Improv, say AD LIB
45 Blows ERUPTS
49 1936 Edward G. Robinson gangster film BULLETS OR BALLOTS
55 Troon turndowns NAES
56 It borders three oceans ASIA
57 Carpet layer’s concern AREA
58 Entirely fill SATE
59 Fine-tunes HONES
60 Baseball’s “Stan the Man” MUSIAL
63 Gillian’s role on “The X-Files” DANA
65 Justification REASON
67 Finesse ART
68 Sun metaphor BIG ORANGE BALL
73 Like sashimi RAW
75 Currency replaced by the euro PESETA
77 Two-master YAWL
78 Search for provisions FORAGE
80 Waiter’s handouts MENUS
81 Medication container VIAL
85 Usher LEAD
87 Sign sometimes upsetting OMEN
88 Clobber DRUB
89 Make extreme efforts BEND OVER BACKWARD
93 Shoot for, with “to” ASPIRE
95 Use a password, say LOG IN
96 1985 movie with three possible endings CLUE
97 Asian holiday TET
98 Something in the air AROMA
99 Lemonade-and-lager drinks SHANDIES
103 1998 Stephen King “haunted love story” BAG OF BONES
107 Mike __, “Glee” character CHANG
108 “United Shades of America” channel CNN
109 “Xanadu” gp. ELO
110 Pub pal LAD
111 “Lucky Guy” playwright Ephron NORA
113 “Band of Gold” singer Payne FREDA
115 Help BENEFIT
118 “You’re in my space, pal!” BACK OFF, BUSTER!
122 Like many a covered bridge ONE-LANE
123 Selfish EGOISTIC
124 Saltimbocca meat VEAL
125 Time frames PERIODS
126 Property tax payer, e.g. ASSESSEE


Number Clues Answers
1 “Epitaph for a Spy” author Eric AMBLER
2 “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper COOLIO
3 AFC South team TEXANS
4 Elementary particle ATOM
5 DOJ division ATF
6 Miss Piggy tagline MOI?
7 Trig function ARCTAN
8 Suspicious LEERY
9 Taunt GIBE
10 Muchos meses ANOS
11 “Newhart” production co. MTM
12 Audible sign of distress SOB
13 Hard to pin down VAGUE
14 U-235 and C-14 ISOTOPES
15 Records in a collection LPS
16 Rapper __ Nas X LIL
17 Sans-serif typeface ARIAL
18 Infomercial cutlery brand GINSU
19 Author Madeleine L’__ ENGLE
24 Spenser’s “The __ Queene” FAERIE
28 Round-bodied flatfish TURBOT
32 Bank deposit SILT
33 Huevos rancheros condiment SALSA
34 Collector’s items? BILLS
35 Girl in Byron’s “Don Juan” LEILA
36 Postal creed word NOR
37 Former Alabama-based grocery chain BRUNO’S
39 He lost to Ike twice ADLAI
40 Pool room CABANA
41 Nutritional amt. RDA
46 Broad view PANORAMA
47 Many a “Stranger Things” character TEENAGER
48 Old draft org. SSS
49 Ole Miss rival BAMA
50 Ones taking things the wrong way USURPERS
51 “I’m only going to say this once” LISTEN UP
52 Great Seal word ORDO
53 Raise REAR
54 Giga- x 1,000 TERA-
59 Angels baseball cap feature HALO
61 Five-spots ABES
62 Inebriated LIT
64 Whatever or whichever ANY
66 Polar worker ELF
69 Yielded GAVE
70 Ore that’s a source of silver GALENA
71 Piece in a still-life EWER
72 Tell all BLAB
74 Make (one’s way) WEND
76 Suddenly, in music SUBITO
79 Crossed the lake, in a way ROWED
80 “Jerry’s Kids” telethon org. MDA
82 Not near the coast INLAND
83 Cherish ADORE
84 Apple’s apple and Target’s target LOGOS
86 Russian cottage DACHA
89 Wager without looking at one’s cards BET BLIND
90 Energetic spirit VIM
91 Close-knit group CLAN
92 Panda’s skill, in a 2008 film KUNG FU
94 Foul caller REF
99 Vertical mine accesses SHAFTS
100 Summer cooler ICE TEA
101 Win the love of ENDEAR
102 Corgi complaints SNARLS
103 Name probably derived from scat singing BEBOP
104 Coeur d’__ ALENE
105 Hopeless case GONER
106 “them” author OATES
107 Snappish CROSS
111 Barracks bosses, briefly NCOS
112 “The Grapes of Wrath” figure OKIE
114 Invitation letters RSVP
116 Peyton’s quarterback brother ELI
117 __ Schwarz FAO
118 Actress Arthur BEA
119 Reno and others: Abbr. AGS
120 Shakespearean cry of disgust FIE!
121 Pre-A.D. BCE