LA Times Crossword 28 Nov 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 28 Nov 21, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 28 Nov 21, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Balls and some apples GALAS
6 “Bicycle Thieves” director Vittorio DE SICA
12 Cleopatra’s killer ASP
15 Hindu epic hero RAMA
19 Wanting words I WISH
20 Spots for spectacles ARENAS
21 Lobbying gp. PAC
22 Airline whose name means “to the skies” EL AL
23 *Band aide BOOKING AGENT (“double booking” & “double agent”)
25 Stuck playing a familiar role TYPECAST
27 Pacific current EL NINO
28 Top drawers? ARTISTS
30 Incomplete body of art TORSO
31 Budgetary figures NET COSTS
34 *Period after a crash, perhaps DOWNTIME (“double down” & “double time”)
36 Wood cutter SAW
39 Do another hitch REUP
40 Time VIPs EDS
42 Burglar’s take HAUL
43 *Figure in many Monty Python routines CROSSDRESSER (“doublecross” & “double dresser”)
47 __ mentality MOB
48 Ones using mixers, for short DJS
51 Former Sony brand AIWA
52 Afghanistan neighbor IRAN
53 Saucer, briefly UFO
55 “Hey, that’s great!” OH, COOL!
58 Animal shelter LAIR
59 “Family Circus” creator Bil KEANE
60 *Figurative place for deferred options BACK BURNER (“double back” & “double burner”)
62 “Give me a break!” PLEASE!
64 MLB’s “Splendid Splinter” Williams TED
66 Phi follower CHI
67 Staggers REELS
68 *Airbags in cars, e.g. STANDARD FEATURE (“double standard” & “double feature”)
73 “Bless you” evoker ACHOO!
76 “That feels good” AAH
77 Rum __ Tugger: “Cats” role TUM
78 Making a big deal out of HYPING
82 *Hoops buzzer-beater, for one CLUTCH PLAY (“double clutch” & “double play”)
85 Files in shop class RASPS
88 Emulate a frigatebird SOAR
89 “Godzilla” franchise co-creator Tomoyuki __ TANAKA
90 LAX posting ETA
91 Job safety org. OSHA
92 Eclectic magazine UTNE
93 Cephalopod’s discharge INK
94 “__L”: “Bye for now” TTY-
96 *Mall rarity on Black Friday PARKING SPACE (“double parking” & “double-space”)
100 Pained expression OUCH!
102 Bank account ID SSN
103 Very wide shoe EEEE
104 Pink Floyd’s Barrett SYD
105 *Nightly barracks routine BED CHECK (“double bed” & “double check”)
108 Biometric security procedure IRIS SCAN
112 Mtge. issuer S AND L
113 Like some eaves in winter ICICLED
115 Pharaoh depicted on the Sphinx KHAFRE
119 Capital east of New Delhi KATMANDU
121 Wimbledon category, and a hint to the answers to starred clues MIXED DOUBLES
124 Gillette blade ATRA
125 Cool, like a cat HEP
126 Crib outfit ONESIE
127 Gaming rookies NOOBS
128 Back in the day THEN
129 Holiday song syllables LAS
130 Lipton rival NESTEA
131 Forum garments TOGAE


Number Clues Answers
1 Barb GIBE
2 Base runner? AWOL
3 Oz traveler LION
4 Welcome at the door ASK IN
5 Fight souvenirs SHINERS
6 Hammarskjöld of the U.N. DAG
7 Historical period ERA
8 “Sonic” consoles SEGAS
9 Like krypton and xenon INERT
10 Don’t get CAN’T SEE
11 Piedmont bubbly ASTI
12 Likely will, after “is” … APT TO
13 “Oh yeah?” SAYS WHO?
14 Angel dust, briefly PCP
15 Snap back RECOIL
16 Cause to sweat ALARM
17 Vertical billiards shot MASSE
18 __ sax ALTO
24 Well-known NOTED
26 Julius’ cry to Marcus ET TU?!
29 ’60s activist gp. SDS
32 Nobelist of 1903 and 1911 CURIE
33 “William Tell,” e.g. OPERA
35 Big cheese NABOB
36 Rogaine target SCALP
37 No-frills font ARIAL
38 “Holy Toledo!” WOWIE!
41 Beat handily DRUB
44 Florida coastal city or its county SARASOTA
45 Red-and-white topper SANTA HAT
46 Scornful look SNEER
47 Latte variant MOCHA
48 Ready to eat DONE
49 “An Innocent Man” songwriter JOEL
50 Canon AE-1 et al., for short SLRS
54 Cover for some superheroes FACE MASK
56 “We don’t have much time!” HURRY!
57 Stealthily nears, with “on” CREEPS UP …
59 Mauna __ KEA
61 Modeler’s buy KIT
63 Seller’s supply STOCK
65 Rachel Carson subject DDT
69 Quick snooze NAP
70 Family name in Chicago politics DALEY
71 Hubbub FUROR
72 Sounds of hesitation UHS
73 Musical opening ACT I
74 Family group CLAN
75 Tarzan type HUNK
79 Little bits IOTAS
80 Rival of Tonya NANCY
81 Devotion to Mammon, biblically GREED
83 Come out of one’s shell HATCH
84 Toy dog’s barks YAPS
86 Draws back SHIES
87 Philatelist’s buys PANES
95 “What nerve!” THE IDEA!
97 Dye-making compound ANILINE
98 Insurance lizard GECKO
99 Old TV series with a scuba-diving hero SEA HUNT
100 Guy who’s often out ODD MAN
101 Pac-12’s Bruins UCLA
102 Go downhill fast SKI
105 Saddam’s party BA’ATH
106 Between, in Brest ENTRE
107 Some bra features C-CUPS
109 Curly-coated cats REXES
110 That is, to Cicero ID EST
111 Jar Jar Binks’ planet NABOO
112 Card game for three SKAT
114 “Let’s do it!” C’MON!
116 Aggressively promote FLOG
117 Singer McEntire REBA
118 Latin “to be” ESSE
120 Devils org. NHL
122 Lose power, as a battery DIE
123 Org. that makes traffic stops? DEA