LA Times Crossword 29 Sep 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 29 Sep 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Bite TANG
5 Arabic for “commander” EMIR
9 Exam administered by the College Board, briefly PSAT
13 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame architect IM PEI
18 Burn balm ALOE
19 “Mostly Ghostly” series author STINE
20 Charity ALMS
21 High times? NOONS
22 Ahead of time … and where it’s at BEFOREHAND
24 It includes a king and queen ROYAL FLUSH (i.e. “hand”)
26 Regards intensely STARES AT
27 Like the White Rabbit LATE
29 About to explode IRATE
30 Cherbourg cherub ANGE
31 Bedevil NAG AT
33 Speak colorfully, so to speak SWEAR
35 Rescue op EVAC
37 Not for ANTI
39 MileagePlus rewards co. UAL
40 Puts in stitches SEWS
44 On the up and up … and where it’s at ABOVE BOARD
48 Chutney fruit MANGO
50 Bout enders, for short KOS (i.e. “decks”)
51 Lenient LAX
52 Food squares? MEALS (i.e. “board”)
53 In a ship’s hull … and where it’s at BELOW DECKS
56 West Point newbie PLEBE
59 Rapa __ NUI
60 Japanese beer brand KIRIN
61 Native Nebraskan OTOE
62 Atlanta suburb SMYRNA
64 Complain CRAB
66 Itsy-bitsy TEENY
68 Frisk SEARCH
70 “… __ he drove out of sight”: Moore ERE
71 Compass points RHUMBS
74 Bank CAROM
76 Strong-voiced Mama CASS
78 Bends STOOPS
80 The Miners of the Lone Star St. UTEP
82 Add PUT IN
84 Blackguard CAD
87 Nab in a trap SNARE
88 More than flamboyant … and where it’s at OVER THE TOP
90 Artist Matisse HENRI
92 Red __ SEA (i.e. “water”)
93 Casual shirt TEE (i.e. “top”)
94 Adult OF AGE
95 Mortgaged to the hilt and then some … and where it’s at UNDERWATER
98 Highland toppers TAMS
100 Away from the office OUT
101 “__ here” SAME
103 Burpee product SEED
104 Big dipper LADLE
106 Areas for religious statues APSES
108 Former WNBA star __ Leslie LISA
111 José’s “good” BUENO
113 Speedy steed ARAB
115 Zone that may be restricted AIRSPACE
118 Final football score including at least one safety NINE TO FIVE (i.e. “hours”)


Number Clues Answers
1 Checks with tax, usually TABS
2 Prince Valiant’s wife ALETA
3 Hardly in favor (of) NO FAN
4 Paternal grandfather of Elizabeth II GEORGE V
5 2007 Best Director Oscar sharer ETHAN COEN
6 Mazda model MIATA
7 B&B, e.g. INN
8 City near San Bernardino REDLANDS
9 Actor’s goal PART
10 Gin flavor SLOE
11 One of Alcott’s “Little Women” AMY
12 Org. with a lot of baggage? TSA
13 Prefix with red INFRA-
14 Back biters MOLARS
15 Displeased look POUT
16 Massachusetts motto opener ENSE
17 Book end? -ISH
19 French possessive SES
23 Christopher of “Superman” REEVE
25 Hide out LIE LOW
28 ABA member ATT
32 Aioli ingredient GARLIC
33 Naturally illuminated SUNLIT
34 Conestoga driver WAGONER
36 1972 USA-USSR treaty subj. ABM
38 Drinks IMBIBES
41 Big name in kitchenware EKCO
42 Active against racial injustice, in slang WOKE
43 Sautéing sound SSS
44 “The Sound of Music” backdrop ALPS
45 Salves BALMS
46 Daisy variety OXEYE
47 Sullivan Award sports org. AAU
49 __ Lingus AER
54 Breakfast sinkers DONUTS
55 Linguistic root ETYMON
57 Pick-me-up BRACER
58 Absorbed ENRAPT
60 Part of DKNY KARAN
63 Spanning: Abbr. ACR
65 Chef’s creations RECIPES
67 “Come again?” sounds EHS
69 Auditioning actor, say HOPEFUL
72 Sing one’s own praises BOAST
73 Bender SPREE
75 Change genetically MUTATE
77 Clips for trailers SCENES
79 Lightly burn SEAR
80 Eye layer UVEA
81 Abound (with) TEEM
83 Dude (up) TOG
85 Connector of partners AND
86 Most formal, fashion-wise DRESSIEST
88 Giant whose #4 was retired OTT
89 Jinx HOODOO
90 Large whale HUMPBACK
91 Steamed state IRE
96 From Swansea, say WELSH
97 Fatty ADIPOSE
99 Short one seen more in warm weather SLEEVE
102 Battery size AAA
105 Started the pot ANTED
107 Consumed EATEN
109 Acidic, in Augsburg SAUER
110 Farm measures ACRES
111 Irascibility BILE
112 Condo, e.g. UNIT
113 HarperCollins romance imprint AVON
114 Gym set REPS
116 Monopoly foursome: Abbr. RRS
117 To be, to Brutus ESSE
118 Nancy, in Nancy NOM
119 Terrif FAB
120 Draft pick IPA
122 Monk’s title FRA