LA Times Crossword 3 Jun 21, Thursday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 3 Jun 21, Thursday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 3 Jun 21, Thursday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Multiple choice test options, often ABCD
5 Researched item FACT
9 It may be knitted BROW
13 “Mississippi Masala” filmmaker __ Nair MIRA
14 Many a map dot ISLE
15 Skirmish RUN-IN
17 Fish eggs seller? SPAWN SHOP (from “pawnshop”)
19 Delete ERASE
20 Admit a mistake OWN IT
21 City ESE of Phoenix MESA
23 Morning drops DEW
24 Tim who voiced Buzz Lightyear ALLEN
25 Command to Siri to read the clock? SPEAK TIME (from “peak time”)
27 Arranged LAID OUT
29 “You’re on the right track” WARMER
30 North end? -ERN
31 Golf date ruiner RAIN
34 She played Thelma in “Thelma & Louise” GEENA
35 Public relations fund? SPIN MONEY (from “pin money”)
38 One of a 15th-century seagoing trio PINTA
41 Soft drink nut KOLA
42 Clamorous sound DIN
45 “Let me rephrase that … ” I MEANT …
47 How Clint Eastwood usually delivers his lines TERSELY
50 Recreational libation? SPORT WINE (from “port wine”)
53 Copious AMPLE
54 Top __ TEN
55 “Too great a burden to bear”: M.L. King Jr. HATE
56 Food recall reason E COLI
57 Address with style ORATE
59 Music for a feisty orator? SPUNK ROCK (from “punk rock”)
62 Drag racer’s fuel, briefly NITRO
63 Word repeated in a combat term MANO
64 Scary-sounding lake ERIE
65 Tend LEAN
66 Hebrew for “skyward” EL AL
67 __ date SET A


Number Clues Answers
1 Early hrs. AMS
2 Like Earth BIPOLAR
3 Enter on hands and knees CRAWL IN
4 Finally occurred to, with “on” DAWNED …
5 It may be pumped in victory FIST
6 Stuff in a tray ASH
7 Tread noisily CLOMP
8 Tent made of skins TEPEE
9 Fragile goods concern BREAKAGE
10 Play that gave us the word “robot” RUR
11 Instantly ON A DIME
12 Biblical trio WISE MEN
16 Exclusive MLB cap supplier NEW ERA
18 Boy of la casa NINO
22 Spotted SAW
24 Golden brew ALE
25 Smelled really bad STANK
26 Three-pointer, in hoops lingo TREY
28 Ocean State sch. URI
32 Texter’s “I feel” IMO
33 “Tropic Thunder” actor Nick NOLTE
35 Rating unit STAR
36 Temple of the gods PANTHEON
37 Scot’s refusal NAE
38 Moving engine part PISTON
39 Leave vulnerable IMPERIL
40 Recent delivery NEONATE
42 Regret strongly DEPLORE
43 Under-the-table ILLICIT
44 Bill promoting science? NYE
46 Defunct flier TWA
48 Bike storage aid RACK
49 Marshmallow treats S’MORES
51 Response at the door IT’S ME
52 Site of many a climber’s goal NEPAL
56 Hydroxyl compound ENOL
58 La-la preceder TRA-
60 “Sonata Quasi __ Fantasia”: Beethoven’s “Moonlight” UNA
61 New Zealand parrot KEA