LA Times Crossword 3 Nov 20, Tuesday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 3 Nov 20, Tuesday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 3 Nov 20, Tuesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Pacific island host of two “Survivor” seasons PALAU
6 Caustic solution LYE
9 listings JOBS
13 Maker of Glide floss ORAL-B
14 Blacken a bit SEAR
15 Luminous glow AURA
16 Roughly GIVE OR TAKE
18 Military group UNIT
19 SoCal cop squad LAPD
20 Machu Picchu builders INCAS
21 Like medicine not requiring a prescription OVER-THE-COUNTER
27 Truth alternative, in a game DARE
28 Like rice and potatoes STARCHY
29 Homeric epic ILIAD
31 Wipe the slate clean ERASE
32 Stat for Clayton Kershaw ERA
35 With 37-Across, Election Day practice … and a hint to this puzzle’s theme SECRET …
37 See 35-Across … BALLOT
39 Screeners at ORD TSA
40 Like nostalgic art forms RETRO
44 Fitness system incorporating martial arts TAE BO
45 Mozart rival SALIERI
47 Part of, as a plot IN ON
48 Debater for the opposition, at times DEVIL’S ADVOCATE
51 Smear with ink? LIBEL
52 “__ the Parents”: 2000 film MEET
53 Revered pop star, say IDOL
54 Place sheltered from reality IVORY TOWER
60 Chunky Monkey buy PINT
61 Name of 12 popes PIUS
62 Conjure up EVOKE
63 Eyelid ailment STYE
64 Fitting APT
65 __ over the coals RAKED


Number Clues Answers
1 Faddish ’90s disc POG
2 “All Things Considered” host Shapiro ARI
3 Loo LAV
4 Pub drink ALE
5 A bike lock may be shaped like one U-BOLT
6 Indy pacesetter LEAD CAR
7 Tibetan beast YAK
8 Middle of the “Able-Elba” palindrome ERE
9 Lively JAUNTY
10 Part of a pound OUNCE
11 Prickly shrub BRIAR
12 Coll. entrance exams SATS
14 Fla. coastal city ST PETE
17 Cheers at a bowl RAHS
20 Ready to mate IN HEAT
21 Writer of poetic praise ODIST
22 Lowlands VALES
23 CNN journalist Hill ERICA
24 Backside REAR
25 60 minuti ORA
26 State school near L.A. UCSB
30 Get off the track DERAIL
32 Justice Kagan ELENA
33 R2-D2, for one ROBOT
34 Make up (for) ATONE
36 Poker player’s giveaway TELL
38 Of the flock LAIC
41 Apt “it’s” anagram ‘TIS
42 Read the riot act REAM OUT
43 Cooks fill them ORDERS
45 Gracefully slender SVELTE
46 Tony winner Judith IVEY
48 Finished the work DID IT
49 Magazine that has had Lena Horne and Michelle Obama on its cover EBONY
50 River mammal OTTER
51 Kissers LIPS
54 Pub drink, briefly IPA
55 Skybox guest VIP
56 Eggs in a lab OVA
57 Stir-fry pan WOK
58 Squeeze (out) EKE
59 Like Rupert Grint’s hair RED