LA Times Crossword 3 Oct 21, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 3 Oct 21, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 3 Oct 21, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Brownie group? BATCH
6 Francis, most recently POPE
10 Scornful comment TAUNT
15 Self-righteously proper sort PRIG
19 Fancy to extremes ADORE
20 Caspian Sea feeder URAL
21 Come after ENSUE
22 Single LONE
23 *Attraction with exotic animals SAFARI PARK
25 It may be skipped STONE
26 SLR setting AUTO
27 Self-absorbed SMUG
28 Works in a museum OILS
29 Oops provoker SLIP
30 Got rid of TOSSED
32 Knob-handled tools AWLS
33 *Former NASA project SPACE SHUTTLE
35 Range option AMANA
38 Massage therapist’s employer SPA
39 Dismiss casually, with “at” SNEEZE …
40 Piece of land TRACT
41 Release predecessors BETAS
43 Embellished ADORNED
47 *Jump-start connection point BATTERY TERMINAL
52 Word on an Irish euro EIRE
53 Basics ABCS
54 Tickle pink ELATE
55 Silent __: White House nickname CAL
56 Pet store rodent GERBIL
58 “Grey’s Anatomy” showrunner Rhimes SHONDA
60 Flier in a show AEROBAT
62 Bishop’s purview SEE
63 *IT executive’s concern NETWORK SECURITY
68 Go downhill fast SKI
71 Obsolescent wrong number cause MISDIAL
72 Omelet request ONE EGG
75 Move stealthily TIPTOE
77 It may need massaging EGO
78 Brown shade BEIGE
81 “Sunday Night Baseball” nickname A-ROD
83 Jazz home UTAH
84 *Berlin monument that’s a symbol of Germany’s reunification BRANDENBURG GATE
87 Sleeping bag alternative BEDROLL
90 Wonderland cake instruction EAT ME
91 Café lightener LECHE
92 Contemptible ODIOUS
95 Trauma ctrs. ERS
96 Causes of much yawning BORES
97 *Something to go back to when things aren’t working out DRAWING BOARD
101 Moved like the wind BLEW
103 Potato color RUSSET
104 Crop unit ACRE
105 Fireplace duct FLUE
106 Forget where one put LOSE
110 Golden rule word UNTO
111 Bert’s chum ERNIE
113 *Brew pub sampler BEER FLIGHT
115 Wise adviser GURU
116 Its code is BOS LOGAN
117 Murray with a star on both the Canada and Hollywood Walk of Fame ANNE
118 Judge who excelled in the Field of Dreams game AARON
119 Notice SPOT
120 Avocet cousin STILT
121 Puts in ADDS
122 Climate activist Thunberg GRETA


Number Clues Answers
1 String section instrument BASS
2 Fall figure ADAM
3 Vegan protein source TOFU
4 Rocky projection CRAG
5 HRH part HER …
6 Eye opening PUPIL
7 Rigorous exams ORALS
8 Scorecard standards PARS
9 Moose cousin ELK
10 Model 3 maker TESLA
11 Marxian activities ANTICS
12 Arthur Ashe Stadium is its main court US OPEN
13 Sister NUN
14 Achieved a baby milestone TEETHED
15 Classic wall worker PLASTERER
16 Awaken harshly ROUST
17 Mole’s collection INTEL
18 Crystal-bearing rock GEODE
24 Hoover was the only president born there IOWA
29 Twitch, say SPASM
31 Taverna aperitif OUZO
32 Meridian opening ANTE-
33 Trunk item SPARE
34 Aquatic carnivore SEAL
35 Iraqis, mostly ARABS
36 12-Down contest MATCH
37 Doesn’t ignore ACTS ON
38 Editor’s “keep it” STET
40 Sched. uncertainty TBA
41 Club rules BYLAWS
42 GPS projection ETA
44 Avian bills NIBS
45 Pennsylvania county or its seat ERIE
46 Editor’s “cut it” DELE
48 “Power” accessory, perhaps RED TIE
49 Cold treat brand ICEE
50 Dealer’s pursuer NARC
51 First Dominican MLB manager Felipe ALOU
56 Somersaulting dive GAINER
57 Kitchen suffix -ETTE
59 Dory’s friend NEMO
60 Gestural comm. syst. ASL
61 Sturdy shoe BROGUE
64 River through Frankfurt ODER
65 Capital of Latvia RIGA
66 Particle also called a K meson KAON
67 Sound barrier breaker Chuck YEAGER
68 E-ticket’s lack STUB
69 __-Eating Tree: “Peanuts” phenomenon KITE
70 2010 Apple debut IPAD
73 Common prayer GRACE
74 Invaders of ancient Rome GOTHS
76 Discards THROWS OUT
78 Trimming target BEARD
79 Thyroid MDs ENTS
80 “Big Blue” IBM
82 Actor Billy __ Williams DEE
84 Poster’s medium BLOG
85 Company with an antlered animal logo DEERE
86 Pleasant feeling GLOW
88 Pooch with a large tongue ODIE
89 Horizontal door beams LINTELS
93 Congo tributary UBANGI
94 __ media SOCIAL
96 Major Nebraska product BEEF
97 Puts under DRUGS
98 Accumulate RUN UP
99 Houston MLBer ASTRO
100 Ain’t perfect? AREN’T
101 Barista’s creation BLEND
102 Entices LURES
105 Ward (off) FEND
106 Wearer of hot pants? LIAR
107 Fairy tale monster OGRE
108 Useless, now SHOT
109 Sicilian mount ETNA
112 Hogwash ROT
113 Shearing day sound BAA
114 Jet __ LAG