LA Times Crossword 31 May 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 31 May 20, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 31 May 20, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers


Number Clues Answers
1 Lacking talent for BAD AT
2 Deserving of WORTH
3 “All Day Strong” brand ALEVE
4 Not seen before NEW
5 Longtime PLO chairman ARAFAT
6 Mauritania neighbor MALI
7 Airline to Israel EL AL
8 Hard-hit batted ball LINER
9 Small antelope with an echoic name DIK-DIK
10 First name in design COCO
11 Wander aimlessly ROAM
12 Reporter at the front EMBED
13 Spread outward SPLAY
14 Academic research papers THESES
15 Jellylike alga extract AGAR
16 Goods suffix -WARE
17 Stead LIEU
18 Start of a football play SNAP
24 Poured juices over BASTED
29 Bar mixer TONIC
30 Director in the theater? USHER
32 Approached nightfall GOT DARK
36 “Iliad,” for one EPIC
37 Second chance REDO
39 Leaning to one side ALOP
40 Reebok rival PUMA
42 Resting upon ATOP
43 Jewish assembly site SHUL
44 Roman garment TOGA
45 Grayish ASHY
46 19th-century diarist Henry __ Robinson CRABB
47 Pot-__: “on the fire” French stew AU-FEU
48 Thing of the past RELIC
50 Lead to END IN
52 Twining plant VETCH
53 Functional UTILE
57 Look after TEND
58 Legislative body HOUSE
60 Snake worshippers, e.g. CULT
65 Spanish 51-Across TE AMO
67 Tab, say KEY
69 European erupter ETNA
71 Slow way of speaking DRAWL
72 Barely ahead UP ONE
73 Reckless RASH
74 Personality categories TYPES
75 Bond that promotes easy communication RAPPORT
76 Baseball’s Doubleday ABNER
77 __ Woods, original voice of Disney’s Cinderella ILENE
78 “Groovy!” NEATO!
82 In that case IF SO
83 Basketball Hall of Fame coach Smith DEAN
84 Stately trees ELMS
85 Cream additive ALOE
87 Small deer ROES
88 Move bit by bit INCH
90 “When it’s __”: answer to a classic riddle AJAR
91 Symbol of bondage YOKE
94 So last year DATED
95 “To __ own self be true”: “Hamlet” THINE
96 Soil BEFOUL
103 Finally registered SANK IN
105 A stone’s throw NOT FAR
107 Degree EXTENT
109 Apartment building unit STORY
110 Web message EMAIL
112 Harmless, as a lie WHITE
114 Add splendor to ADORN
115 Occupied IN USE
116 “See ya” LATER
117 Honeycomb compartment CELL
118 Miscellany OLIO
119 Cold War initials USSR
120 Play the first card LEAD
121 Besides that ALSO
122 Madeline of “Blazing Saddles” KAHN
123 Poet Pound EZRA
124 Old Russian autocrat CZAR
129 Sonny and Cher, for one DUO