LA Times Crossword 5 Jan 20, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 5 Jan 20, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 5 Jan 20, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Extra NHL periods OTS
4 Official order EDICT
9 Prefix suggesting savings ECONO-
14 Weightlifting units REPS
18 Like a nonexistent chance FAT
19 Provides an excuse ALIBIS
20 Queen Amidala’s “Star Wars” home NABOO
21 Rink move AXEL
22 Christmas buy FIR
23 When the Commodore 64 computer was released NINETEEN EIGHTY-TWO
26 Clean Air Act org. EPA
27 Eye drop TEAR
28 Looks for prints DUSTS
29 Driveway hoops game HORSE
30 World capital since 1931 NEW DELHI, INDIA
34 Bart Simpson’s grandma MONA
35 One might be slipped DISC
36 California’s Santa __ River ANA
37 Character who said about her father, “Yet he hath ever but slenderly known himself” REGAN
40 Amigo of Fidel CHE
43 Doctrines ISMS
47 Tennis great ASHE
52 1982 Physical Tour singer OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN
57 Corrida participant TORO
58 Bug NAG
59 Novel makeup PROSE
60 Prey for a Hauskatze MAUS
61 Starchy roots TAROS
62 Card game shout UNO!
63 “Cotton Candy” jazzman HIRT
64 Defeat LICK
65 Low-pH stuff ACID
74 Son of Seth ENOS
75 “Gigi” playwright LOOS
76 Assures, as a win ICES
77 Cal Poly campus site, initially SLO
78 Zoo features CAGES
81 “Beloved” novelist Morrison TONI
82 Lab dish eponym PETRI
83 Give the chance to LET
84 Word on a bill UNUM
85 What a shutout lowers EARNED RUN AVERAGE
89 Place to get a lift SKI SLOPE
91 Aspiring atty.’s exam LSAT
92 Sushi roll wrap NORI
93 Camera move PAN
94 Ahead ON TOP
96 Personal quirk TIC
98 Org. giving G’s and R’s MPAA
102 Declines EBBS
104 Capital near Siena College ALBANY, NEW YORK
110 Stiller’s partner MEARA
112 Lucas droid ARTOO
114 Quick reminder MEMO
115 Hindu title SRI
116 Highest grossing movie of 1980, with “The” … EMPIRE STRIKES BACK
120 X, at times TEN
121 Cut out OMIT
122 Attach with twine TIE ON
123 Unsettling looks STARES
124 Bread grain OAT
125 Living __ WAGE
126 Professional gps. ASSNS


Number Clues Answers
1 Insult OFFEND
2 National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall site TAIPEI
3 Soda shop supply STRAWS
4 Architect Saarinen ELIEL
5 Alice’s cat DINAH
6 Two-nation region IBERIA
7 Op. __ CIT
8 Half a fly TSE
9 Ho-hum feeling ENNUI
10 Type of salad CAESAR
11 Parting words? OBIT
12 Quaffs with punch NOGS
13 Massage reaction OOH!
14 Ersatz silk RAYON
15 Tool for removing broken screws EXTRACTOR
16 Seats arranged in rows PEWS
17 Shrub with a purple fruit SLOE
19 Chip in a pot ANTE
24 Baseball Hall of Famer Roush EDD
25 Beachwear for the immodest THONG
31 Lowest multiple of CLI that fits in this space DCIV
32 Thunderstruck IN AWE
33 Creator of the GOP elephant NAST
34 “Death in Venice” author MANN
38 Freudian topics EGOS
39 “Dilbert” cry GAH!
41 Subway fare? HERO
42 God with a quiver EROS
44 Drawing tools SIPHONS
45 First quarterback to exceed 5,000 passing yards in a season MARINO
46 Derisive sounds SNORTS
48 Superfamily including gibbons HOMINOIDS
49 Makes into law ENACTS
51 German town STADT
52 “Movin’ __”: ’70s-’80s sitcom theme song ON UP
53 “Smallville” character LANA
54 Horror film helper IGOR
55 O.T. queen ESTH
56 Artful dodge JUKE
61 More under the influence TIPSIER
64 Soccer great Messi LIONEL
65 Inverse trig function ARCTAN
66 Big name in tequila CUERVO
68 Thinks DEEMS
69 SpaceX CEO Musk ELON
70 Nothing, in Nantes RIEN
71 Madonna’s “La __ Bonita” ISLA
72 Cassini of fashion OLEG
73 Reference book reference NOTE
78 Verge CUSP
79 “Lonely Boy” singer ANKA
80 Testing subject GUINEA PIG
81 Palm smartphone TREO
82 World leader who’s a judo black belt PUTIN
85 Long times EONS
86 Pertinent APT
87 See 128-Across … RATA
88 Frost-covered RIMY
90 Kind of pneumonia LOBAR
95 Benefactor PATRON
97 One of two in a crash CYMBAL
99 Recovery place POST-OP
100 Overdue debt more commonly pluralized ARREAR
101 Quite a bit like AKIN TO
103 Shiny, in product names BRITE
105 Butcher shop cuts LOINS
106 __ choy BOK
107 Is closer to reaching NEARS
108 Run the show EMCEE
109 Bowl-shaped pans WOKS
110 “I’m ready to come in now” MEOW
111 John’s first partner on American TV’s “The Avengers” EMMA
112 Clearance item caveat AS IS
113 Highways: Abbr. RTES
117 Bus sched. letters ETA
118 FRA neighbor, to the IOC ESP
119 Onetime Beatle Sutcliffe STU