LA Times Crossword 6 Aug 19, Tuesday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 6 Aug 19, Tuesday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 6 Aug 19, Tuesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Cuba, por ejemplo ISLA
5 Uncanny EERIE
10 Hard-to-describe sensation VIBE
14 Évian evening SOIR
15 Levels of society STRATA
16 A party to IN ON
17 Facial feature with a bridge NOSE
18 MI5 headquarters named for a London river THAMES HOUSE
20 From Canada’s capital OTTAWAN
22 Genre that represents things as they are REALISM
23 TV show intro tune THEME SONG
26 Asian kebab SATAY
27 “Who wants my jellyfish? / I’m not sellyfish!” poet NASH
28 Seeker of “the way” TAOIST
31 Door hardware HASP
33 Amount defined by a small sewing gadget THIMBLEFUL
37 Play a part (in) ACT
38 Boardroom VIP CEO
40 The Beatles’ “__ Mine” I ME
41 Santa __ winds ANA
42 Boss Tweed’s caricaturist THOMAS NAST
46 Splash sound PLOP!
47 On the same wavelength IN SYNC
48 Meticulous to a fault ANAL
50 Humana rival AETNA
53 Pushed-in bulletin board hardware THUMBTACK
57 Stars and __ STRIPES
60 Dragster, e.g. RACE CAR
61 Bouquet garni bunch THYME SPRIGS
64 Maggie Simpson’s sister LISA
65 Avatar of Vishnu RAMA
66 Chef’s array SAUCES
67 Browse (through) LEAF
68 What “lama” has, as opposed to “llama” ONE L
69 Implant (in) EMBED
70 Type of prof. ASST


Number Clues Answers
1 Childish comeback IS NOT!
2 Truth, to Shakespeare SOOTH
3 Hears out LISTENS TO
4 Tourist’s guide AREA MAP
5 Prefix with centric ETHNO-
6 Historic time span ERA
7 Los Angeles NFLer RAM
8 Old Roman road ITER
9 Let up EASE
10 Break, as laws VIOLATE
11 Aleut relative INUIT
12 __ nova: Brazilian dance BOSSA
13 Foe ENEMY
15 Hidden loot STASH
19 Red tape, e.g. HASSLE
21 Director Craven WES
24 Utmost degree NTH
25 Moo goo __ pan GAI
29 Fail to include OMIT
30 “Big Blue” IBM
31 Bowler or derby HAT
32 Otto’s “Oh!” ACH!
33 Theater award named after Antoinette Perry TONY
34 Misconceptions FALLACIES
35 Game with Wild Draw Four cards UNO
36 Drink like a cat LAP
38 Savory finger food CANAPE
39 Wits’ end? ESS
43 Least possible MINIMAL
44 Tiny army crawler ANT
45 It might be elementary: Abbr. SCH
46 Kneecap PATELLA
48 Stockpile AMASS
49 “Will & Grace” network NBC
50 The Jetsons’ dog ASTRO
51 Wharton’s “__ Frome” ETHAN
52 “I’m almost afraid to tell you” response TRY ME
54 Encouraged URGED
55 Barcelona abodes CASAS
56 Cheez Whiz maker KRAFT
58 In __: existing ESSE
59 Inbox annoyance SPAM
62 Spice mix for ribs RUB
63 Limited-life sculpture material ICE