LA Times Crossword 7 Jan 21, Thursday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 7 Jan 21, Thursday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 7 Jan 21, Thursday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Ancient beverage “mixed” in 46-Across MEAD
5 Dinner beverage “mixed” in 27-Across CLARET
11 Cooking meas. TSP
14 Part of a pot ANTE
15 On a smaller scale LESS SO
16 Bit in a horse’s mouth OAT
17 Air Force Academy city COLORADO SPRINGS (hiding mixed “SODA”)
20 Abbr. between names, perhaps AKA
21 Gulf of __ OMAN
22 Starkers, on this side of the pond NAKED
23 Not fooled by WISE TO
25 City blight SLUM
27 Driver’s aid, once CAR TELEPHONE (hiding mixed “CLARET”)
33 Sneeze syllable CHOO!
36 It’s a wrap SARAN
37 Bond was kicked out of it ETON
38 Fireplace shelf HOB
39 Berkeley sch. CAL
40 Effort TRY
41 ESPN MLB analyst A-ROD
43 Drive MOTOR
45 Fountain beverage “mixed” in 17-Across SODA
46 “Give me time to collect myself” I NEED A MOMENT (hiding mixed “MEAD”)
49 Animal rights gp. PETA
50 Make more powerful SOUP UP
54 Gut feeling? AGITA
57 Simon Says player APER
59 That, in Oaxaca ESA
60 Balancing act TIGHTROPE WALKER (hiding mixed “PORT”)
64 Artist Yoko ONO
65 Filling out forms, often HASSLE
66 After-dinner beverage “mixed” in 60-Across PORT
67 Make a dent in MAR
68 Drove off SHOOED
69 Costner role NESS


Number Clues Answers
1 Rainforest parrot MACAW
2 Mushroom in Asian cuisine ENOKI
3 World record? ATLAS
4 “Gloria in Excelsis __” DEO
5 Demands loudly, with “for” CLAMORS …
6 Helen of Troy’s mother LEDA
7 John Irving’s “__ of the Circus” A SON
8 __ feed: online news aggregator RSS
9 Medium gift ESP
10 Ripped to shreds TORN UP
11 Honky-__ TONK
12 Wise one SAGE
13 Condition once called “shell shock,” for short PTSD
18 Membership list ROTA
19 “You found the right guy,” formally I AM HE
24 Novelist Umberto ECO
25 Go this way and that SLALOM
26 Actor Cariou LEN
28 City near Seattle TACOMA
29 Muse for Shelley ERATO
30 “The Simpsons” bus driver OTTO
31 North of Paris NORD
32 One-named New Ager ENYA
33 Spiced tea CHAI
34 Cornucopia shape HORN
35 Bassoon kin OBOE
42 Profundity DEPTH
43 Welcome __ MAT
44 Mended, in a way RESEWED
45 “Rugrats” dad STU
47 __-head: Hell’s Angels insignia DEATH’S
48 Romance novelist Roberts who writes mysteries as J.D. Robb NORA
51 Tea variety PEKOE
52 Computer operators USERS
53 Labor go-with PARTS
54 Tiny bit ATOM
55 Carano of “Deadpool” GINA
56 Horror movie assistant IGOR
57 Lhasa __ APSO
58 Soccer great PELE
61 “Go team!” RAH!
62 Spanish bear OSO
63 Hosp. staffer LPN