LA Times Crossword 8 Dec 19, Sunday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 8 Dec 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 8 Dec 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Medical chart entry AGE
4 Author Janowitz TAMA
8 Green eggs and ham promoter SAM-I-AM
14 USPS deliveries LTRS
18 Brown of jazz LES
19 Beats it SCATS (cat on a lap)
21 Thorny shrub ACACIA
22 “That’s not good” OH-OH
23 On easy street IN THE LAP OF LUXURY
26 Beer buy CASE
27 Hall of Famers GREATS
28 Put away ATE
29 Knife holder SHEATH
31 Demands NEEDS
32 Curtail TRUNCATE (cat on a couch)
37 “__ fair ” ALL’S
38 My Chemical Romance 2-Down EMO
40 Sedentary sort COUCH POTATO
44 They pick up things SENSORS
48 Mailed SENT TO
49 Get ready to eat? RIPEN
50 Muffin topping OLEO
51 Battery terminal CATHODE (cat on a chair)
53 Assure PROMISE
55 Orchestra section leader FIRST CHAIR
57 Response in court PLEA
59 Blues singer James ETTA
60 Tiny lab subjects AMOEBAS
61 Maxwell competitor REO
63 “If it’s handcrafted, it’s on __” ETSY
64 Designing initials YSL
65 Airline to Stockholm SAS
66 Most Dresden residents GERMANS
68 H.S. class BIO
71 Medical suffix -OMA
74 Anatomical canal ITER
76 Its “B” is sometimes turkey BLT
77 Lively musical piece TOCCATA (cat on a tree)
81 1993 Literature Nobelist Morrison TONI
83 Brings home NETS
84 Chart with branches FAMILY TREE
86 Chaotic but appealing person HOT MESS
88 Powerless motion? GLIDING
90 Boosts, e.g. AIDS
91 Sneak off to Vegas, maybe ELOPE
92 Pinpoint LOCATE (cat on a bed)
95 Part of a Shakespearean soothsayer’s warning THE IDES
97 Track foundation RAILROAD BED
99 Parenthesis, essentially ARC
100 Film __ NOIR
101 To begin with AS A START
105 Bridge positions EASTS
110 Repair, as sewn-together edges RESEAM
112 A in French UNE
113 Excoriate SCATHE (cat on a carpet)
114 Queens’ __ Field CITI
115 Opposite of commends CALLS ON THE CARPET
121 Choir voice ALTO
122 Conservative foe, in the U.K. LABOUR


Number Clues Answers
1 Adjust, as car wheels ALIGN
2 Category GENRE
3 Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
4 African menaces TSETSES
5 Orthopedic surgery targets, initially ACLS
6 Kid’s cry MAA!
7 For face value AT PAR
8 Longtime “The Avengers” comics artist Buscema SAL
9 Pressure lead-in ACU-
10 Nth degree MAX
11 Post-OR area ICU
12 Affectations AIRS
13 Perchance, old-style MAYHAP
14 Hour in a pilot’s announcement LOCAL TIME
15 Response to sad news THAT’S A PITY
16 Hebrew for “head” ROSH
17 “__ Loves You”: Beatles hit SHE
20 Annual Jan. speech, in Twitter hashtags SOTU
24 Ate HAD
25 Bog FEN
30 Ecuadoran gold region EL ORO
32 Holy scrolls TORAHS
33 Emailed a dupe to CC’ED
34 Bang-up A-ONE
35 “For shame!” TUT!
36 Outer: Pref. ECT-
39 Deerskin attire MOCCASINS
41 Aspirations HOPES
42 Proficiency determiners TESTS
43 1992-’93 NBA Rookie of the Year O’NEAL
44 Slight, as a chance SLIM
45 Architect Saarinen EERO
46 Attendance count NOSES
47 Penn, e.g.: Abbr. STA
48 Aching to a larger degree SORER
50 Birds-feather link … OF A
52 Staff builders HIRERS
54 Dancer who played a scarecrow RAY BOLGER
56 Not yet on the sched. TBA
57 Quintet PENTAD
58 Capt.’s inferiors LTS
62 Fed. fiscal agency OMB
66 Acquire GET
67 1966 Michael Caine title role ALFIE
69 Aloof ICY
70 Group of eight OCTAD
71 Wise start? OTHER-
72 Loot MOOLA
73 2006 Dunst title role ANTOINETTE
75 Big name in electric cars TESLA
77 Soldier’s helmet TIN HAT
78 R&B vocalist India.__ ARIE
79 “Bill & __ Excellent Adventure” TED’S
80 ’50s political initials AES
82 Self-destruction IMPLOSION
85 Charles River sch. MIT
87 Like TV’s “Supernatural,” e.g. EERIE
88 Mother of the Titans GAEA
89 Former Fords LTDS
93 Harem room ODA
94 “60 Minutes” network CBS
96 Antarctic features ICE CAPS
98 Expert in futures? ORACLE
102 252 wine gallons TUN
103 Unwanted workers ANTS
104 Detox program REHAB
106 Berne’s river AAR
107 Fifth-century bishop in Ireland, familiarly ST PAT
108 Most crosswords have one THEME
109 Determined about SET ON
110 Upset and then some RILE
111 Photographer Dora who had a relationship with Picasso MAAR
113 Cottontail’s tail SCUT
114 One of six hidden in this puzzle, each sitting on an apt location CAT
116 Certain corp. takeover LBO
117 Airport near Tel Aviv LOD
118 Go after, in a way SUE
119 Surg. sites ORS
120 Ike’s WWII arena ETO