LA Times Crossword 9 Oct 20, Friday

Daily crossword solution for the LA Times Crossword 9 Oct 20, Friday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 9 Oct 20, Friday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Travel pillow spot NAPE
5 “Nothing but net” SWISH
10 One often looking down SNOB
14 Handmade blade SHIV
15 George who co-wrote the graphic memoir “They Called Us Enemy” TAKEI
16 Do the honors POUR
17 Blaze FIRE
18 Circular gasket O-RING
19 “__ boy!” ATTA
20 *Where to hang a lei on a rhino? AROUND THE HORN
23 Acquire GET
25 Whitney and Washington: Abbr. MTS
26 Counted (on) BANKED
27 Unstable time CRISIS
29 Bygone Russian title TSAR
31 Lawful LICIT
32 *Bits of dialogue censored on network television? FOUL LINES
37 And others, in Lat. ET AL
38 Group of experts PANEL
39 “Strega __”: Tomie dePaola Caldecott winner whose title means “Grandma Witch” NONA
40 *Dracula after a hearty meal? FULL COUNT
42 Doughnut-shaped TORIC
43 Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer Donovan ANNE
44 Musical inability TIN EAR
45 Dark igneous rock BASALT
49 Suffix with bass -OON
50 High card ACE
51 *Crime of someone who wants folks to get lost? STEALING SIGNS
55 “The Sopranos” actor Robert ILER
56 “And that’s __!” FINAL
57 Elemental unit ATOM
60 Belafonte classic DAY-O
61 Cereal tidbit FLAKE
62 Auction, say SELL
63 “Birds of Prey” actor McGregor EWAN
64 Attack SET AT
65 Cairo native ARAB


Number Clues Answers
1 Bad check letters NSF
2 Poke tuna AHI
3 Given to plundering PIRATICAL
4 At any time EVER
5 Dark drafts STOUTS
6 Cautions WARNS
7 “Joke, joke” I KID
8 Email status SENT
9 Tall drink HIGHBALL
10 Pitcher Warren with the most lifetime wins for a southpaw SPAHN
11 Far from acceptable NOT OK
12 Quite unusual OUTRE
13 __ awareness BRAND
21 Drop OMIT
22 Rank between marquess and viscount EARL
23 Staff symbol G-CLEF
24 Verdi baritone aria ERI TU
28 Window ledge SILL
29 1,000 kilograms TONNE
30 Bird feeder cake SUET
32 Woodland spirit FAUN
33 Privy to IN ON
34 Stahm that may affect Bahston NOR’EASTER
35 Early computer ENIAC
36 “__ bleu!” SACRE
41 Ring up CALL
42 Sound of a tiny bell TING
44 __ water TOILET
45 It may be a sleeper hit B-SIDE
46 Shingle words AT LAW
47 “Toodles!” SEE YA!
48 Judge on a diamond AARON
49 Japanese financial hub OSAKA
52 River delta where the Rosetta Stone was found NILE
53 Winged pest GNAT
54 Mission Control org. NASA
58 Goiânia greeting OLA
59 Org. in which you’d hear the answers to starred clues MLB