Mirror cryptic Answer List 7-October-2022

Daily solution for the Mirror cryptic Answer List 7-October-2022. The Mirror Cryptic Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Raid carried out without water ARID
Hobby for Canadian politician in Greece CAMPING
Happy with whats inside CONTENT
Approves list of names CREDITS
Time went off and ran TROTTED
Frenchman let out to defrost MELT
Reportedly perceived some cows HERD
Fellow caught twitch when busy HECTIC
German university students get the bird GULL
.Run back with true form of training NURTURE
.Ocean wrong for such a vessel CANOE
.End debit arrangement, owing INDEBTED
.Bound to change diet TIED
.Look for a long time for titles PEERAGES
.Deadly piece of jewellery? CHOKER
.Yielded five keys CEDED
.Pain of bachelorhood ACHE
.Gained knowledge of new rental LEARNT
.Friend working on board MATE
.Tims lost in obscurity MIST
.Conceals pelts HIDES
.Come in from barren terrain ENTER
.Fool dancing with elderly OLD
.Cards dealt at hotel, too  HAND
.Block British article BAN
.Turn key to finish BEND
.Serious student of stones GRAVEL
.Dim male overcomes difficulty DILEMMA