Crossword Answers – Apr 17 2022s

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Apr 17 2022s. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Apr 17 2022s divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
#2 Mideast nation in area IRAN
"2001 . . ." computer HAL
"Aha!" ISEE
"All" prefix OMNI
"Don’t you agree?" ISNTIT
"Meh" SOSO
"Simple Simon __ pieman . . ." META
"The Joy Luck Club" author TAN
"Woo-hoo!" YAY
"__ creature was stirring . . ." NOTA
About 4% of whole milk FAT
About 70, in your home ROOMTEMP
Actor Affleck BEN
Actor Penn KAL
Advantageous UTILE
Agitated state SNIT
Alaskan city NOME
Always, in verse EER
André’s assent OUI
Approaching NEARTO
Auction-ending cry SOLD
B&B, e.g INN
Balkans resident SERB
Baseball score enhancers RUNS
Biconditional statement, in math IFANDONLYIF
Bird venerated by ancient Egyptians IBIS
Blanched PALE
Bowl game org NCAA
Brewery product ALE
Broadcasts AIRS
Can’t do without NEED
Captain of industry TITAN
Catch on to GET
Cézanne contemporary DEGAS
Chorale carol, e.g SONG
Cleared away ERASED
Closely related AKIN
Closest to the center MIDMOST
Clutter-free NEAT
Come undone GONEAPE
Comfortable with USEDTO
Comic actor Wilson OWEN
Common driving school client TEEN
Commotion HUBBUB
Communally owned OURS
Controls the deck DEALS
Cruise ship facility SPA
Cupid alias EROS
Data, for short INFO
Delayed, with "up" HUNG
Disney film composer Menken ALAN
Doesn’t share HOGS
Door knocks RAPS
Dutch-speaking Caribbean island ARUBA
Editor’s direction STET
Exists ARE
Fannie __ (home loan agency) MAE
Flow through cracks SEEP
Frequent URL ender COM
George in "The King’s Speech" COLIN
Glassmaker Lalique RENE
Grab a bite EAT
Handheld radar device GUN
Harbor fleet TUGS
Hardly a dangerous batter EASYOUT
Hay fever drug brand ALLEGRA
Inaccuracy ERROR
Infield covering TARP


Clues Answers
Italian ball game BOCCE
Land offshore ISLE
Land on the Red Sea ISRAEL
Lead balloons BOMBS
Legendary seamstress Ross BETSY
Letters on Forever stamps USA
Little devils IMPS
Lofty verse ODE
Long lock of hair TRESS
Lose traction SKID
Mammals running in mazes LABRATS
Mandela org ANC
Manhattan, on envelopes NYNY
Manicurist’s solvent ACETONE
Many T-ball coaches DADS
Mine yields ORES
Mostly gone Asian sea ARAL
Name once short for Elizabeth ELSIE
Nautical nickname CAPN
Neck artery CAROTID
Night fliers OWLS
Notary’s mark SEAL
O’Hare abbr ARR
Of punishment PENAL
Office intern AIDE
Organizational adage FIRSTTHINGSFIRST
Ought to have, informally SHOULDA
Paranormal atmospheres AURAS
Parental rejoinder DOASISAYNOTASIDO
Part of Muffet’s meal WHEY
Pest on a poodle FLEA
Pitchfork prong TINE
Pivot point in ballet TOE
Place for mascara LASH
Prefix for septic ANTI
Pretrial payment BAIL
Prez on a five ABE
Reach one’s full potential BEALLYOUCANBE
Recycling container BIN
Resists boldly DEFIES
Ride a wave SURF
Rival of Progressive SAFECO
Salsa bandleader Puente TITO
Small portions BITS
Sounds at a shearing BAABAA
Spanish cheer OLE
Speak sharply to SNAPAT
Sprinkler attachment HOSE
Start up a computer again REBOOT
Started to unravel FRAYED
Stumbled while walking TRIPPED
Sullies SMEARS
Summer zodiac sign LEO
Texas State Fair city DALLAS
Thanksgiving serving YAMS
Tolkien brute ORC
Tough in texture LEATHERY
Tropical snakes BOAS
Under the weather ILL
Universal Studios’ former owner MCA
Unrefined RAW
Very quickly APACE
Wannabe atty.’s exam LSAT
Weighty reading TOME
What 4 may be short for APRIL
What you could call Bigfoot HIRSUTE
Windshield coating TINT
Writer Edgar __ Masters LEE
__ for tat TIT
__ long way (last) GOA