Crossword Answers – Aug 22 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Aug 22 2021. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Aug 22 2021 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Bird" prefix AVI
"Family Guy" mom LOIS
"Fiery" gemstone OPAL
"Gone With the Wind" surname OHARA
"It ain’t over. . ." catching great BERRA
"Lohengrin" composer WAGNER
"None of the above" option OTHER
"Star Wars" princess LEIA
"Uh-uh" NAH
A-listers ELITE
A-listers BIGNAMES
Abrupt change QUANTUMJUMP
Academic article postscripts ENDNOTES
Adore to excess DOTE
Allied (with) SIDED
Apple cofounder Wozniak STEVE
Apportion, with "out" METE
At the apex of ATOP
Atlas, for instance TITAN
ATM user’s input ACCT
Awareness raiser on social media SIGNALBOOST
Barber’s obstacle EAR
Bedeviled PESTERED
Big Apple’s Bravest, briefly FDNY
Bit of a blossom PETAL
Bone-dry ARID
Boomer’s kid XER
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Bring cheer to ELATE
Car sticker no MSRP
Cartographic speck ISLE
Casting slots ROLES
Casual discussions CHATS
Celestial bear URSA
Certain cordless vacuums ROBOTS
Chiding sounds TSKS
Cities with docks PORTS
Cluster of grass CLUMP
Coils in sheds HOSES
Combines, as resources POOLS
Compose, as prose WRITE
Creamy cheese BRIE
Daughter of Lear REGAN
Derisive shout JEER
Destroy slowly ERODE
Do not exist ARENT
Don’t allow DENY
Drains of energy SAPS
Drill (into) BORE
Drizzles or downpours RAINS
Egg-timer sound DING
Embattled BESET
Embedded decoration INLAY
ER imperative STAT
Ethanol source CORN
Exercises at a bar CHINS
Eyed rudely LEEREDAT
For example SAY
Former ruler of 2 Down SHAH
Fountain serving SODA
Fowl territories HENCOOPS
Gain admission GOIN
Galileo, by birth PISAN
Gentle touch CARESS
Give birth to BEGET
Half of dodeca- HEXA
Harms severely MAIMS
Hauled (away) CARTED
In the future AHEAD
Inherently PERSE
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Jam-packed DENSE
JP Morgan creation USSTEEL


Clues Answers
Keyed in TYPED
Knock-down-drag-out MELEE
Left in a hurry BOLTED
Literary luminary LION
Little Pigs’ antagonist WOLF
Looks to be SEEMS
Lose energy SAG
Make known AIR
Makes keener HONES
Mao successor DENG
Marquee names STARS
Matching glove MATE
More adorable CUTER
Move effortlessly COAST
Much of bulk mail ADS
Mushroom seed SPORE
Narrow valleys GLENS
News for an accountant TAXINCREASE
Objective of some diets WEIGHTGAIN
Official emblems SEALS
Origami bird SWAN
Performance reward MERITRAISE
Persian Gulf nation OMAN
Phase of a plan STEP
Phony coin SLUG
Plan again, as a strategy REMAP
Portfolio manager’s objective ASSETGROWTH
Pub’s footrest RAIL
Put up a stake WAGER
Pythons’ cousins BOAS
Quick with puns, say WITTY
Quipster WAG
Rainbow shapes ARCS
Rank below viscount BARON
Repeat verbatim QUOTE
Restriction removal, informally DEREG
Ridicule MOCK
Ring-shaped reef ATOLL
Rode the rapids, perhaps RAFTED
Scheming group CABAL
Sculpt, as in scrimshaw CARVE
Secret stockpile CACHE
Shade of red ROSE
Shade of red CERISE
Shark filmers’ enclosures CAGES
Single-minded expert NERD
Sketch out PLAN
Slice of history ERA
Soccer shout OLE
Some libretto lines ARIAS
Sore point PEEVE
Sounded like APED
Spirited mount STEED
Steady guy BEAU
Stretches across SPANS
Supposedly cunning canines FOXES
Teheran’s land IRAN
Trade-war tactic TARIFFHIKE
Tupperware sounds BURPS
Tuxedo accessory BOWTIE
Two-toned crunchy treat OREO
Unexcitable STAID
Wartime strategy TROOPSURGE
Waterfall CATARACT
Web page ID URL
Weightlifting exercises CURLS
Went camping, say SLEPTOUT
Where bills are stored TILL
www.redcross.__ ORG
Yale athlete ELI
Yosemite beast ELK
[per the original] SIC