Crossword Answers – Aug 9 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Aug 9 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Aug 9 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Casablanca" woman ILSA
"Cool" amount MIL
"Darn it!" DANG
"Deck the Halls" refrain FALALA
"Enough said," in a text TMI
"It’s freezing in here!" BRR
"Mambo King" Puente TITO
"Mother" prefix MATRI
"Same with me!" IDOTOO
"Too bad . . ." SAD
"__ gauche" (Paris section) RIVE
1910s First Family TAFTS
After the buzzer LATE
Airborne nocturnal predator OWL
Airport not far from OAK SFO
Amateur NONPRO
Anger by-product FRAYEDNERVES
Army helicopter APACHE
Artist Cézanne PAUL
Back street ALLEY
Barrel-__ maple syrup AGED
Befit SUIT
Blunted blade EPEE
Bonnie of blues rock RAITT
Brash talk SASS
Brief holiday DAYOFF
Browned quickly SEARED
Busybodies YENTAS
Caesar’s 56 LVI
Campus building HALL
Cathedral window art STAINEDGLASS
Certain syrup source TREESAP
Cheer leader FAN
Chin thing GOATEE
Closest pal, these days BFF
Comment after a stumble OOPS
Consist of ARE
Cutter cooled by water WETSAW
Deck foursome ACES
Dept. store goods MDSE
Desert refuge OASIS
Did keyboarding TYPED
Did little while waiting MARKEDTIME
Dinghy implements OARS
Doc’s instruction SAYAH
Doone of fiction LORNA
Dress shop compliment ITSYOU
Drive forward PROPEL
Earhart or Bloomer AMELIA
Extend across SPAN
Firstborn child ELDEST
Follows through ACTS
For formal occasions DRESSY
Formally seat, as a sovereign ENTHRONE
Free (of) RID
German gent HERR
Glossy fabrics SATINS
Go underground HIDE
Grammy category POP
Guy fishing in the Narragansett BAYMAN
Hair curlers IRONS
Henry Ford contemporary OLDS
High-maintenance actress DIVA
Historic happening FIRST
Hold in high regard ESTEEM
Ill-gotten gains FILTHYLUCRE
Informal inquiry DIDYA
Japanese assent HAI
Japanese video game giant SEGA
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kimono fabric SILK
Legislative assent AYE
Lightning producer STORM


Clues Answers
Likely (to) PRONE
Mail-routing abbr ATTN
Make an issue more confusing MUDDYTHEWATERS
Mariner’s concern FOULWEATHER
Marked a typo for correction SPOTTEDANERROR
Medicinal medium GELCAP
Mink relative OTTER
Minuscule TEENY
Mule’s sire ASS
Novelist Graham GREENE
Old Testament song PSALM
One-on-one instructor TUTOR
Open-handed hits SLAPS
Outback bird EMU
Outburst from Homer DOH
Pack __ (quit) ITIN
Pages with viewpoints OPEDS
Party DJ’s assortment LPS
Patriotic chant USAUSA
Per person EACH
Photo session SHOOT
PM periods AFTS
Provide protection for GUARD
Put on joyfully WORNWITHPRIDE
Ran, as a machine OPERATED
Rival of Pulitzer HEARST
Robert __ Lincoln (1860s First Son) TODD
Rudder’s locale STERN
Sacred scroll TORAH
Salon or Slate, for short EMAG
Salsa scooper-uppers NACHOS
Samsung Galaxy competitor IPAD
Say further ADD
Say under oath ATTEST
Schindler in "Schindler’s List" OSKAR
Scissors sounds SNIPS
Seal a deal, say SHAKE
Selects, so to speak TAPS
Sellers’ buys ADS
Shire of the Rocky films TALIA
Signal to start speaking CUE
Significant period ERA
Small, sweet sandwich OREO
Smidgen of hair gel DAB
Some GPS lines STS
Sorority letter SIGMA
Stretched tight TAUT
Stumble (over) TRIP
Talks a good game BOASTS
Tecumseh’s tribe SHAWNEE
Temporary peace TRUCE
Test for college srs GRE
The latest happenings NEWS
Tiger’s natural habitat ASIA
Top dogs BOSSES
Touch of encouragement PAT
Type of malware WORM
UFO aviators ETS
Unoccupied FREE
Verse of tribute ODE
View again RESEE
Walt’s "Snow White" distributor RKO
Wearable splatter guard APRON
Weeding tool HOE
Wood pattern GRAIN
Workplaces for RNs ORS
Wright Brothers’ home DAYTON
Yoko __ ONO
__ excellence PAR
__ Mateo, CA SAN
__ Moines, IA DES
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO