Crossword Answers – Feb 6 2022

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Feb 6 2022. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Feb 6 2022 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"The Greatest" boxer ALI
"Those __ the days" WERE
"__ Misérables" LES
12 months from now INAYEAR
Above, in verse OER
Agent + edge + also REPRIMAND
Aide of Capt. Hook MRSMEE
Aired again RERAN
America’s Uncle SAM
Animal friends PETS
Apiece + favoring + ingested PERFORATE
Assertive personality TYPEA
Astronomical cloud NEBULA
Audio input abbr MIC
Auto + pigsty + attempt CARPENTRY
Back of the neck NAPE
Barbershop sharpener STROP
Bard’s "below" NEATH
Barrel part STAVE
Bathwater tester TOE
Be admitted GETIN
Big families CLANS
Big smile GRIN
Bridle part STRAP
Cap worn with a kilt TAM
Casting slot ROLE
Cat hair + definite article + stop signal FURTHERED
Chops down AXES
Choral range ALTO
Clay target sport SKEET
Clearheaded SOBER
Closest bud BESTIE
Cocktail cooler ICECUBE
Combat + sprinted + golf peg WARRANTEE
Commercial charge ADRATE
Concise in speech TERSE
Conclusion, from the French FINIS
Contingencies IFS
Copier problem MISFEED
County festivals FAIRS
Cussler hero Pitt DIRK
DC legislator SEN
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Downhearted SAD
Drag one’s feet DAWDLE
Earn after expenses CLEAR
Elbows or ziti PASTA
Embarrass ABASH
Enthusiasts FANS
Falsifier LIAR
Farm harvest CROP
Fiery felony ARSON
Flight board no ETD
Gaucho’s rope RIATA
Golf score + pub drink + hoedown woman PARALEGAL
Greek fable guy AESOP
Greek vowel ETA
Guy + topper + brown shade MANHATTAN
Hardly humble PROUD
Hasty escape LAM
Have debts OWE
Hawkeye Stater IOWAN
Heroic quality VALOR
High-five, e.g SLAP
However + soft metal + heavens BUTTINSKY
However, informally THO
Husband of a countess EARL
In the style of ALA
Indisputable thing FACT
IRS officer AGT
Justice Kagan ELENA
Keystone State port ERIE


Clues Answers
Lady friend of Seinfeld ELAINE
Land of the Ganges INDIA
Large plateau MESA
Largest Greek isle CRETE
Least decorated PLAINEST
List-ending abbr ETAL
Literary alter ego HYDE
Little guys LADS
Macroeconomic no GNP
Make fixes to AMEND
Marina del __ (L.A. suburb) REY
Marine predators ORCAS
Meant to be FATED
Modeled (for) SAT
Modify ALTER
Muralist Rivera DIEGO
Newsstand buy, for short MAG
Not clear to most ESOTERIC
Obi-Wan before Ewan ALEC
OR imperative STAT
Ostrich kin EMU
Overdo, as a privilege ABUSE
PC bailout key ESC
Piano pieces ETUDES
Places to ski SLOPES
Poetic praise ODE
Poker chip pile STACK
Port of Ukraine ODESSA
Pose, as a riddle ASK
Predictive signs OMENS
Ready and willing GAME
Recent USMA grads LTS
Relay entrant RACER
Releases with a pop UNSNAPS
Risk taker’s challenge DAREME
Router button RESET
Scale notes FAS
Scam + family boy + hill bug CONSONANT
School lunch staple TUNA
Sharp blow SWAT
Shopper’s splurge SPREE
Short sprint DASH
Showery mo APR
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Skin diver’s wear MASK
Small argument SPAT
Small, in rapper’s names LIL
Spanish cheer OLE
Splinter group SECT
Stars: Lat ASTRA
Surplus EXTRA
Tag player’s shout NOTIT
Take a tumble TRIP
Tech sch INST
Term of respect MADAM
They’ve got brains CRANIA
Tra __ (singing sounds) LALA
Tranquil SERENE
Trims, as shrubs PRUNES
Under control INHAND
Unruly crowd HORDE
Unseal, in Shakespeare OPE
Verdi opera AIDA
Video arcade name ATARI
Vote down, informally NIX
Weary one’s words IMBEAT
Weighty task ONUS
Went out EXITED
What’s going on at galleries ARTSCENE
Where Nepal is ASIA
Whoop-__-do DEE
Window frame SASH
__ Moines, IA DES