Crossword Answers – Feb 7 2021

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Feb 7 2021. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Feb 7 2021 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Don’t forget about ME!" ICANTOO
"Found" fish of film NEMO
"Goodness gracious!" DEARME
"I can do that for you" LETME
"On the Road" narrator SAL
"Rapid" urban system TRANSIT
"Really?" ITIS
"That’s three X’s in a row" IWIN
"The Time Machine" race ELOI
"Wouldya look at that . . ." WELLWELL
100 C-notes TENGRAND
Action star from Hong Kong CHAN
Add zest to SPICE
Address for a chairwoman MADAM
Air conduit VENT
Altercation RUNIN
Analogy phrase ISTO
Angry emotion IRE
Apple desktop IMAC
Arid as a desert SERE
As a result ERGO
As authorized DULY
Austrian "a" EINE
Ballroom basic STEP
Be a voice against OPPOSE
Black, to Balzac NOIR
Burn slowly SMOLDER
Calls upon ASKS
Carryall for workouts GYMBAG
Casual statement REMARK
Certain sandwich exterior BUN
Chef’s preparation RECIPE
Church pinnacle SPIRE
Cold cuts DELIMEAT
Commandment verb SHALT
Dashboard letters RPM
Decorative pitcher EWER
Deliver via parachute AIRDROP
Diner counter display PIES
Egg-shaped fruit KIWI
Equate to ARE
Everyone here ALLOFUS
Facial feature CHIN
Falstaff’s royal pal HAL
Fan fixations IDOLS
Fill up, as a pool toy INFLATE
Fit __ fiddle ASA
Flu-treatment device INHALER
Follow closely ADHERETO
Food __ (big-meal aftereffect) COMA
Footnote notation ETAL
Former German cash: Abbr DMS
Former Russian ruler TSAR
Former UN member TAIWAN
From the neighborhood LOCAL
Fruity frozen treat SHERBET
Give up via treaty CEDE
GPs’ group AMA
Group doctrines TENETS
Harbor hauler SCOW
Have the same opinion AGREE
Head of the Holy See POPE
Health facility SPA
Horseshoes shot LEANER
How things are STATUS
Identical SAME
Kitchen cloth WASHRAG


Clues Answers
Like a peaked roof ASHAPED
Like __ (very quickly) ASHOT
Loud door knocks BANGING
Made fun of in performance PARODIED
Match + strike FLAME
Meat-and-potatoes servings STEWS
Name meaning "lion" LEON
Not hidden VISIBLE
Nurtures REARS
Office teams STAFFS
One way to cook quickly SAUTE
Online exchange CHAT
Opens, as a ginger ale bottle UNCAPS
Ostrich cousin RHEA
Over-the-top, as acting HAMMY
Part of NCO NON
Part of TGIF ITS
Patient people ABIDERS
Poetic contraction NEER
Praise LAUD
Quaint complaint PSHAW
Quiet time for baby NAP
Raspy Hall of Fame rocker SEGER
Red Muppet ELMO
Reign of a queen, for instance ERA
Restless traveler NOMAD
Romantic screen shot SLOWKISS
Salad leaf ENDIVE
Satisfied sighs AHS
Sea hunter ORCA
Short comic performance SKIT
Slippery spot of metaphor SLOPE
Social network sharing RETWEET
Somber poem ELEGY
Soothed with a balm SALVED
Sort of misinformation FIB
Sports "encore" channel ESPNEWS
Strong cravings YENS
Tapers off ABATES
Texter’s "Ta-ta!" TTYL
Thanksgiving parade sponsor MACYS
Tick away ELAPSE
Timber tree ELM
Tipped over, with liquid escaping SPILLED
Toy for a kiddie cowpoke CAPGUN
Training session SEMINAR
Waste time in a place LOITER
Water grabber SPONGE
Way over there, in verse YON
What a dish might hold SOAP
What black holes "offer" NOESCAPE
What to wear ATTIRE
Where Gibraltar is IBERIA
Where numbers are a chef’s concern MEASURINGCUP
Where numbers are dates WALLCALENDAR
Where numbers are room temperature THERMOSTAT
Where numbers are time before fine PARKINGMETER
Where numbers are velocity SPEEDOMETER
Where numbers are weight DIGITALSCALE
Where numbers show your balance ATMMACHINE
Where the Amazon begins PERU
Whodunit misdirection FRAMEUP
Wintry mix SLEET
Wise person SAGE
Word on a ticket ADMIT
Yale Bowl hosts ELIS
__ Picchu MACHU