Crossword Answers – Jul 7 2019

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Jul 7 2019. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Jul 7 2019 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"101 Dalmatians" villain CRUELLA
"Darn it!" RATS
"Go Set a Watchman" author LEE
"Here we are!" ITSUS
"J’Accuse" writer ZOLA
"Rule, Britannia!" composer Thomas ARNE
"Sounds good" IAGREE
"Sounds good" FINEWITHME
"Why would __ to you?" ILIE
"Zip it!" SHH
Actor McGregor EWAN
Allow LET
Amenity for many bookstores CAFE
At large LOOSE
At the very end LAST
Bank takeback, for short REPO
Battle line FRONT
Become 33 Down TAKECHARGE
Behave in a creditable manner ACQUITONESELF
Ben-Hur portrayer HESTON
Bird feeder food SUET
Blood bank fluids SERA
Body art, for short TAT
Briny expanse SEA
Campus club FRAT
Carpentry peg DOWEL
Casual farewell TATA
Casual shirt KNIT
Catalog insert ORDERBLANK
Cause of yawning, perhaps BOREDOM
Champagne sealers CORKS
Charged atom ION
Chargers with horns RHINOS
Chatterboxes TALKERS
Chicken serving BREAST
Coarse cotton fabric CHINO
Come out on top WIN
Cooked (up) DREAMT
Couturier Cassini OLEG
Covert org CIA
Cupcake toppers ICERS
Digs deep DELVES
DJ’s plastic stack CDS
Double-curve shape ESS
Encircle HEMIN
Encourages impolitely SHOVES
Evenings, on marquees NITES
FBI investigators AGTS
Flamenco cheers OLES
Flaw on a record BLOT
Food worker’s wear HAIRNET
Former "Idol" panelist, in headlines JLO
French diarist Anais NIN
Had a video chat with SKYPED
Had in stock CARRIED
Happen next ENSUE
Have regrets about RUE
Huff and puff PANT
International agreement ACCORD
Internet help pages, briefly FAQS
Italian word for "air" ARIA
Javelin trajectory ARC
Jockey’s handful REINS
Kennel club classification BREED
Kitchen timer signal DING
Least expensive LOWEST
Light lunch, perhaps SALAD
Likely to offend, for short NOTPC
List shortener ETAL
Londoner’s assent RIGHTO
Louvre Pyramid architect PEI


Clues Answers
Make a mess of things ERR
Marsh stalk REED
Memorization method ROTE
Merit-badge earners SCOUTS
Metal in pewter TIN
Most secure SAFEST
Natural soother ALOE
Navigational chart GRIDMAP
Neighbor of Jordan IRAQ
Neighborhood food shop DELI
Nintendo game console WII
One-clause paragraph part SIMPLESENTENCE
Opening drive TEESHOT
Opening for a keycard SLOT
Pain in the neck HASSLE
Piece of cake WEDGE
Pioneer in mini media players SONY
Place to graze LEA
Poetic preposition ERE
Propensity BENT
Puff-pastry cheese BRIE
Push for URGE
Quite some time AGES
Ready for a refill EMPTY
Red Halloween costume SATAN
Regards as the same EQUATES
Related again RETOLD
Rescue squad VIPs EMTS
Resell quickly FLIP
Rotisserie rod SPIT
Scolds, with "out" CHEWS
Sea of __ (Gulf of California alias) CORTEZ
Seacoast SHORE
Seal, as a packing crate NAILUP
Second-quality, as mdse IRR
Ships off SENDS
Short dog, for short PEKE
Showed sadness WEPT
Singer Arlo GUTHRIE
Sit for a bit REST
Small fishing spot POND
Small jazz group TRIO
Small particle MOTE
Social standard NORM
Some MIT grads EES
Sounds in empty rooms ECHOES
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Sounds of surprise OHS
Split open CLEAVE
Sportscast replay format SLOWMOTION
Squad car driver COP
Stage prompts CUES
Stain on a garage floor OILSPOT
Store securely STOW
Strip of a barrel STAVE
Struggling to decide TORN
Suit accessories TIES
Tampa-St. __ PETE
Tango move DIP
Texter’s "If you ask me . . ." IMHO
Tight braid CORNROW
Tip of a sock TOE
Top dog BOSS
Train lines: Abbr RRS
Trumpeter/music exec Herb ALPERT
Unconfident assent IGUESS
Unifying idea THEME
Walk wearily PLOD
Where MDs and RNs work ERS
Writer friend of Fitzgerald LARDNER
__ loss for words ATA