Crossword Answers – Jun 23 2019

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Jun 23 2019. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Jun 23 2019 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Billy the Kid" composer COPLAND
"Clearance" events SALES
"Don’t remove" notation STET
"Extreme" suffix EST
"For Grad or __" (common spring store sign) DAD
"Oliver Twist" ringleader FAGIN
"The Little Mermaid" title character ARIEL
"__ for Silence" (Grafton novel) SIS
11-Oscar Heston film BENHUR
11th-century invader NORMAN
A handful SOME
Aldrin’s first Project GEMINI
Annoyance PEEVE
Anthem contraction OER
Antipasto morsel OLIVE
Attack with snowballs PELT
Augustan Era poet OVID
Avant-garde creative movement DADAISM
Barbecues, for instance ROASTS
Baseball cap part VISOR
Be worthy of RATE
Boldly original EDGY
Book-jacket writings BIOS
Boston Marathon month APRIL
Cave dweller, for short TROG
Celestial bowman ORION
Cellphone forerunner PAGER
Ceremonial act RITE
City rhymed with "mystery" in a WWI song PAREE
Close at hand NEAR
CNN anchor Cabrera ANA
Colleague of quiet PEACE
Comics sound of a sock POW
Concert boxes AMPS
Confections on sticks POPS
Conquest for Caesar GAUL
County north of San Francisco MARIN
Daisy relative ASTER
Deep cavity ABYSS
Diva’s deliveries ARIAS
Dwarf planet beyond Mars CERES
Entertainer Midler BETTE
Evil figure SATAN
Execs, or their outfits SUITS
Family circle CLAN
Fastball speed detector RADAR
Feed banqueters CATER
Felt awful about RUED
Field of conflict ARENA
Firth of "The King’s Speech" COLIN
Flying Pan PETER
Frosty COLD
Further MORE
Gallery event ARTSHOW
Garfield’s furry friend ODIE
Gem measure CARAT
Genesis 2 locale EDEN
German article DAS
German philosopher KANT
Give off EMIT
Go off course STRAY
Grammy category RAP
Grinch’s look SNEER
Had the gumption DARED
Hamlisch’s coll. major MUS
Hard to see MISTY
Highest heights ACMES
Hotel amenity SPA
Impressive display ARRAY
Keeps going LASTS
Kit __ (candy bar brand) KAT
Lasting mark SCAR
Less decorated BARER


Clues Answers
Liquid-Plumr rival DRANO
Longstanding physicists’ fascination PERPETUALMOTION
Looks amused GRINS
Low-cal LITE
Lumberjack shirt design PLAID
Makes cookies or casseroles BAKES
MC Escher eye-popping drawing ENDLESSSTAIRCASE
Med. drama sets ERS
Minister (to) TEND
Money in Serbia DINAR
Money in Turkey LIRA
More bummed out SADDER
More cozy HOMIER
Motor driver POWER
Nasal appraisal ODOR
NCAA basketball airer ESPN
Nose-stinging ACRID
Not pleased with MADAT
Not very 96 Down TAME
Off-the-grid sect AMISH
One with high hopes ETERNALOPTIMIST
Overcook considerably BURN
Overhaul REVAMP
Pause for a bit REST
Photo/messaging app SNAPCHAT
Pianist’s performance PIECE
Piratic procedure RAID
Place to escape to HAVEN
Plum puller of rhyme HORNER
Postgraduate hurdles ORALS
Proton’s home ATOM
Provide a voice-over, say NARRATE
Puts something over on FOOLS
Reddish brown RUST
Remove data from ERASE
Reputable LEGIT
Restaurant’s brunch promotion BOTTOMLESSDRINK
Retailer’s expense RENT
Runs out ENDS
School session SEMESTER
Seize suddenly NAB
Sleepy, to Sneezy BROTHER
Social stratum CASTE
Solemn "Agreed!" AMEN
Some house cats MOUSERS
Stats for states AREAS
Strong rope CABLE
Surprise greatly STUN
Taking after ALA
Tone down EASE
Tops of heads PATES
Toyota : Lexus :: Honda : __ ACURA
Tulsans, e.g OKIES
Uncouth one LOUT
Urban conveyances CABS
US air monitor EPA
Vouching for OKING
Walking tall PROUD
Water bird category WADER
Water conduits MAINS
Water holder BASIN
Weather stat TEMP
Web auctioneer EBAY
What Web videos might "go" VIRAL
Where edelweiss grows ALPS
Where the buoys are SEA
Whirls around SPINS
Working or fighting ATIT
Zucchini or cucumber GOURD
__-day (common vitamin dose) ONEA
__-European language family INDO