Crossword Answers – May 17 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – May 17 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – May 17 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Friends" actress ANISTON
"Star Trek" intro voice SHATNER
"You are here" displays MAPS
"You’ve made it clear" ISEE
A as in Edison ALVA
Amber, for one RESIN
American Eagle Foundation events RELEASES
Attitude MINDSET
Awaits resolution PENDS
Bodybuilder’s seaside hangout MUSCLEBEACH
Brit’s tube TELLY
Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend LOLA
Casual restaurant CAFE
Celebrity with many fans IDOL
Centrifuge site LAB
Chief artery AORTA
Circus venues ARENAS
Clucker HEN
Cockatoos’ quarters CAGES
Cold-cream additive ALOE
Commercial break viewings SPOTADS
Concrete REAL
Consistent with TRUETO
Costa __ Sol DEL
County bordering Sonoma NAPA
Craftsperson SMITH
Cut back on PARE
Diet-friendly descriptor LITE
Double Stuf cookie OREO
Dramatic segments ACTS
Dusting supplies CLOTHS
Exceedingly QUITE
Exclamation of frustration GRRR
Factor in productivity MORALE
Family nickname AUNTIE
Family nickname MAMA
Fast-food servings COLAS
Fighting fiercely ATWAR
Film set stand-in STUNTDOUBLE
Forest growth LICHEN
Freakish WEIRD
From far down DEEP
Genesis 3 beast SERPENT
Grand __ National Park TETON
Gym ball PROM
Hang by a thread DANGLE
Hears in court TRIES
Heist yield TAKE
Homecoming visitors ALUMS
Hurt severely MAIM
Impish ELFIN
In good hands SAFE
In good shape TRIM
Industrial infiltrator MOLE
Keats’ "__ a Nightingale" ODETO
Lake south of London ERIE
Land south of China NEPAL
Language of Pakistan URDU
Lender’s claim LIEN
Level off EVEN
Lobbies for URGES
Make over RECREATE
Many an auditor CPA
Marine’s break LEAVE
Mice, to owls PREY
Mighty long stretch EON
Minimal amount TRACE
Miniseries starter PARTI
Money on your hand BET
More or less the same ALIKE
Morning TV host Kotb HODA
Moved like a lob ARCED


Clues Answers
One seen in annual reports CEO
One-time link ATA
Oompah band music POLKA
Other than this ELSE
Part in reserve SPARE
Part of a journey LONGESTLEG
Patronize, as a bistro EATAT
Pay for a hand ANTE
Perplex ADDLE
Pet project legislation PORKBARREL
Piece of jewelry CLIP
Place often called "Plaza" MALL
Preceding nights EVES
Previously cost WAS
Pub array ALES
Pull up a chair SIT
Puts on the line RISKS
Recovered from OVER
Renter’s rental SUBLET
Rhett’s last words ADAMN
Roasted, on Mexican menus ASADA
S&L clients ACCTS
S&L plastic ATMCARD
Scan again REREAD
Sch. near Atlanta UGA
Security breaches LEAKS
See 73 Across RICKMAN
Seismic event QUAKE
Setting for Singapore ASIA
Sing in the snow, perhaps CAROL
Site of the William Tell legend URI
Slip up ERR
Sooner, familiarly OKIE
Sound from a goat’s throat BLEAT
Sound of water PLOP
Spherical hammer part PEEN
Sprat rhyme words NOFAT
Starting to fray WORN
Stephen King’s home MAINE
Strategize PLAN
Sudden outburst SPURT
Sweet buy STEAL
Swiss city BASEL
Synonymist/physician ROGET
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Talk too long DRONEON
Tater SPUD
Teaser in a theater MOVIETRAILER
Tennis tourney designation OPEN
Texas symbol LONESTAR
Theater district RIALTO
Three minutes of boxing ROUND
Timber tree ELM
Tiny bits IOTAS
Tops bought by tourists TSHIRTS
Total greenhorn RANKAMATEUR
Train conductor’s device TICKETPUNCH
Trivial MERE
Trying to emulate ALA
Tugboat signal TOOTTOOT
Vast multitude HORDE
Verve PEP
Very frequently ALOT
Where you live EARTH
White-tailed grazer DEER
Wholesale quantity CASE
With 84 Down, portrayer of Severus Snape ALAN
With suspicion ASKANCE
Wood strip LATH
Wriggly swimmer EEL
Zingy quality TANG
__ Cologne EAUDE
__ plaid (woolen fabric) GLEN