Crossword Answers – May 24 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – May 24 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – May 24 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Great" beast APE
"Green" Web domain ECO
"Irish Lullaby" start TOORA
"Macbeth" weapon DAGGER
"Spill it!" TELLME
"The Two Fridas" painter KAHLO
"__ for xylophone" XIS
"__ got it!" YOU
"__ point of wisdom": "Richard III" TISA
"__ Reader" (alt-media emag) UTNE
’40s First Lady ELEANOR
. . . on Interstate 10 PHOENIXGULFPORTMOBILE
. . . on Interstate 20 DALLASATLANTACOLUMBIA
. . . on Interstate 40 BARSTOWMEMPHISRALEIGH
. . . on Interstate 70 DENVERTOPEKABALTIMORE
. . . on Interstate 80 OAKLANDOMAHAALLENTOWN
. . . on Interstate 90 SEATTLECHICAGOBUFFALO
1998 Apple debut IMAC
A little, in music POCO
Abacus piece BEAD
Abhorrence ODIUM
Acid in vinegar ACETIC
Act of trying EFFORT
Actor Zac EFRON
All matter, essentially ATOMS
Antelope seen on safaris GNU
Any plant of the crocus family IRID
Applies a patch, perhaps IRONSON
Arias, for instance SOLI
Art Deco icon ERTE
As compensation INRETURN
Auditor’s designation CPA
Bagful in a cooler ICE
Bahamas islet CAY
Baltic port in Poland GDANSK
Beat walker COP
Beatles’ "__ Work It Out" WECAN
Belly GUT
Bit of barking ARF
Bit of help HINT
Brand-new socialite DEB
Breakfast crepe server IHOP
Breakfast nook, e.g ALCOVE
Bring to a close STOP
Bro or sis SIB
Brownish gray TAUPE
Campus next to Sunset Blvd UCLA
Captain Hook associate SMEE
Catchy parts of songs HOOKS
Cathedral recess APSE
Certain Indonesian BALINESE
Chain worn low ANKLET
Chorus voice ALTO
CIA operative AGT
Comics Brit Andy CAPP
Comics bulldog OTTO
Created, as cotton candy SPUN
Cybertroublemaker TROLL
Depose OUST
Did 68 Across singing YODELED
Director Mira from India NAIR
Discoverer of the Mississippi DESOTO
Disney undersea princess ARIEL
Easily frightened SHY
Electrical junction NODE
Erodes EATS
Every, on a prescription OMN
Expressive music genre EMO
Fair-hiring initials EEO
Fatty part of mincemeat SUET
Filibuster stopper CLOTURE


Clues Answers
Frat letter RHO
Frat letter KAPPA
Frequent bake sale sponsor PTA
Frequent patron REGULAR
Frequently, in verse OFT
Genesis shepherd ABEL
Genetic "messenger" molecule RNA
Geological time measure EON
Hoopsters’ group NBA
Hydrocarbon group ALKYL
I, to Einstein ICH
In __ of (rather than) LIEU
Invitation subhead WHERE
Iranian faith BAHAI
Job-related move, briefly RELO
Kiwi cousin EMU
La nazione di Roma ITALIA
Lack of vigor ANEMIA
Last a long time ENDURE
Last WWII president HST
Lauderdale neighbor BOCA
Low ship deck ORLOP
Measured two-dimensionally INAREA
Military 411 INTEL
Move like a butterfly FLIT
National Mall trees ELMS
Nickname for Euphemia EFFIE
Nintendo console WII
Nonstick cookware brand TFAL
OED listings WDS
Of Mont Blanc et al ALPINE
Oklahoma city ENID
One hanging out in the kitchen? APRON
Open space for sports ARENA
Ore source of element #56 BARITE
Part of TGIF ITS
PD alerts APBS
Pieces of a pound PENCE
Poetic planet ORB
Possible kitchen addition ETTE
POTUS, to the military CIC
Pre-school song start ABC
Prefix like equi- ISO
Previously ONCE
Pristine example EPITOME
Pub serving, informally BEV
Rhyme of praise ODE
Sea wriggler EEL
Senator Klobuchar AMY
Shawl maker’s machine LOOM
Shout of support RAH
Side of a situation ASPECT
Soft shoe, for short MOC
Some ring victories TKOS
Some soda bottles LITERS
Sound at the door, maybe RAP
Spanish days DIAS
Stadium near the US Capitol RFK
Supermodel Banks TYRA
Thing you can do ABILITY
Traffic sign shortening THRU
Unspecified person ONE
Very top ACME
Video game neophyte NOOB
Visual keepsakes PHOTOS
What cutoff shorts lack HEM
Word of caution CAVEAT
Work the land TILL
Year-end helper ELF
Yuletide poem start TWAS
__ Lanka SRI