Crossword Answers – Nov 8 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Nov 8 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Nov 8 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Check this out!" LOOK
"Downton Abbey" countess CORA
"GWTW" spread TARA
"Here you go!" THERE
"Peer Gynt" playwright IBSEN
"This guy walks into __ . . ." ABAR
"You __ kidding!" ARENT
"__ was saying . . ." ASI
7 Down collector INNIE
Accepts, as a challenge TAKESON
Actress Sorvino MIRA
Ancient Andean INCA
Arborist, in fall RAKER
Art on ankles, perhaps TAT
Ballet pivot point TOE
Bassoon insert REED
Be a moocher CADGE
Bear with the too-soft bed MAMA
Become slushy THAW
Bibliography notation ETAL
Big bully BRUTE
Board game at a bar DARTS
Boars and sows SWINE
Bottom-of-business-letter notation ENC
Bowling-alley apparatus PINSETTER
Bridge collection TOLL
By itself PERSE
Came to prominence AROSE
Canal gate LOCK
Carousel carvings HORSES
Cash equivalents of a sort IOUS
Casino crew DEALERS
Cello relative VIOLA
Certain science course PHYSICSLAB
CIA forerunner OSS
Commandos’ weapons UZIS
Commercials TVADS
Comrade in arms ALLY
Confiscate SEIZE
Confucian principle TAO
Continue to be STAY
Crushed, as an exam ACED
Designated successors HEIRS
Desktop clickers MICE
Didn’t pay enough to SHORTED
Director DuVernay AVA
Director Lee ANG
Disgorges SPEWS
Doesn’t play, as a piano RESTS
Dryer trap collection LINT
Eisenhower or Bradley, circa 1913 WESTPOINTER
Examined closely EYED
Fable finale MORAL
Family guys DADS
Farming students AGGIES
Farsi speaker IRANIAN
Fathers and sons MEN
Favre of football fame BRETT
Fella BUB
Financial page letters NYSE
Fitzgerald with 13 Grammys ELLA
Form 1040 ID SSN
Founded: Abbr EST
From Beirut LEBANESE
Gag’s start or end HARDG
Geology buff ROCKHOUND
German highway BAHN
German industrial region SAAR
Glide down slopes SKI
Golfer’s accessory TEE
Golfer’s accessory BALLRETRIEVER
Greedy one’s cry MINE
Greek goddess of peace IRENE


Clues Answers
Hammer’s rounded end PEEN
Hershey’s neighbor on candy counters REESES
Ideal environs EDEN
Intensify, informally AMPUP
Invoice add-ons TAXES
Irish pop singer ENYA
Israeli native SABRA
It’s near the 71 Across LENS
Like __ of bricks ATON
Longfellow poem stand-in ALDEN
Made ravenlike noises CAWED
Manger visitor LOWLYSHEPHERD
Mazda two-seater MIATA
Melon variety CRENSHAW
Metallic corrosion RUST
Most elusive RAREST
Move like a tortoise PLOD
Newspaper "calendar" listing EVENT
Not as genteel RUDER
Not so sunny GRAYER
Off the mark AMISS
Optic protector SCLERA
Out, in a bout KOD
Overfill CROWD
Part of a roller coaster ride LOOPS
Partnerless LONE
Piece of fencing SLAT
Portraitist’s prop EASEL
Portraitists’ workshops ATELIERS
Postal Service symbol EAGLE
Puccini opera TOSCA
Pugilist in training SHADOWBOXER
Purina product KITTENCHOW
Purloined STOLE
Push, as a button DEPRESS
Quoted as a source CITED
Rafter’s propeller POLE
Reached for one’s toes BENT
Repairs, as some driveways TARS
Response from a wrongdoer SUEME
Rip apart REND
Rowing equipment OARS
Scan, as data READIN
Screen-icon strip TOOLBAR
Second son ABEL
Shows contrition ATONES
Small animal, in lit BEASTIE
Social life metaphor SPHERE
Something in the air SCENT
Sought secrets SPIED
Spa staffers MASSEURS
Speculate with your cash BET
Step __ (bow out) ASIDE
Supermodel Bündchen GISELE
Support for some bridges ARCH
Take heed of NOTE
Tarzan’s transport VINE
Tech debut of 2007 IPHONE
Thanksgiving Day: Abbr THU
They may be late, especially on weekends RISERS
Things we have OURS
Throws out there as a price ASKS
Took hold of GOT
Touches on ABUTS
Unoriginal work RETREAD
Urban transportation element BUSLINE
Vertical transportation giant OTIS
Way of walking GAIT
Wedding venue ALTAR
What fills some veins ORE
Wild guess STAB
Zellweger of cinema RENEE
__ out a victory (wins barely) EKES