Crossword Answers – Oct 25 2020

Daily crossword solution for the Crossword Answers – Oct 25 2020. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Oct 25 2020 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Da" and "ja" YESES
"I told you so!" HAH
"In my humble opinion . . ." IDSAY
"Same here" ASDOI
"Standing room only" situation LARGECROWD
"That didn’t work!" RATS
"The Lion King" villain SCAR
’50s revolutionary CASTRO
2 Down vision EAGLEEYE
Ahi, at a sushi bar TUNA
Air gun pellets BBS
Airport in northeast OH CLE
An old college cry RAH
At __ time (prescheduled) ASET
Athens’ long-ago foe SPARTA
Auspices AEGIS
Bake sale sponsor PTA
Bakery-cafe chain PANERA
Barbecue sauce selection MILD
Basic cable superstation TBS
Become well again HEAL
Behave badly, as a kid ACTOUT
Berry Farm family KNOTTS
Biblical name ending IEL
Big piece of marble SLAB
Book after Job PSALMS
Brown shades TANS
Cajun staples OKRAS
Cause to be captivated AWE
Checkers of books AUDITORS
Civil War insignia CSA
Clark Kent colleague OLSEN
Cockpit reading SPEED
Coin of a gold-and-silver color EURO
Comics cry EEK
Committee leader CHAIR
Commotion ADO
Contingent of naysayers ANTIS
Courses for drivers: Abbr RDS
Curve without a 47 Down LOOP
Dancing shoe attachments TOETAPS
Diner serving PLATE
Drawn-out attack SIEGE
Dueler’s attendant SECOND
Erratic SPOTTY
Events with snowboarding and skateboarding XGAMES
Extremely, so to speak WAY
Facilities with rows of PUMPS GASSTATIONS
Fall behind LAG
Fall parade participant VET
Fell off WANED
Fey once of "SNL" TINA
First verb to be telegraphed HATH
Gatorade sister brand PEPSI
Global extremes POLES
Gold nos KTS
Greek god with wings EROS
Group with Mohawks and Senecas IROQUOIS
Gull cousin ERNE
Had a date METUP
Hand-to-throat signal in charades GAG
Harrison, in four films HAN
Helps out ASSISTS
Highly perceptive ACUTE
Hospital’s animal-interaction offering PETTHERAPY
Hot "saison" ETE
Impertinence, informally TUDE
Intl. commerce agency WTO
It’s west of Daytona OCALA


Clues Answers
Machines with centrifugal PUMPS FIRETRUCKS
Machines with water PUMPS AUTOMOBILES
Make a last-moment eBay bid SNIPE
Mall Santa photographer ELF
Marine rank SERGEANT
Market research tools TASTETESTS
Memo opener FYI
Midtown healthful haven HOTELSPA
MLB division with CA teams ALWEST
Most-used English word THE
Negative connector NOR
New England house style SALTBOX
Nickname of Mercury astronaut Cooper GORDO
Noisy napper SNORER
Not far from ABOUT
One less than quad- TRI
Org. for the best drivers PGA
Overinterested one SNOOP
Part of NAACP: Abbr ASSN
PC shortcut key ALT
Please __ Here (checkout sign) PAY
Pollination participant BEE
Pooches DOGS
Portugal’s second city OPORTO
Prefix for while ERST
Pro athletes’ downtime OFFSEASONS
Question marks IFS
Reach for, like a pooch PAWAT
Ready for a take ONSET
Ren Faire strings LUTES
Request for permission MAYI
Rested SAT
Roll a ball toward the pins BOWL
Royal pal of Falstaff HAL
S-shaped molding OGEE
Sail supports MASTS
Salon supplies with PUMPS HAIRSPRAYS
Scoreboard posting OUTS
Scoring test for hospital newborns APGAR
Scrabble’s 100 TILES
Sea urchin delicacy ROE
Set free, in a way UNPEN
Shallowest Great Lake ERIE
Shaped like some mens’ shoes WINGTIPPED
Short delay PAUSE
Short-lived crazes MANIAS
Since January 1 YEARTODATE
Sports equipment often waxed SKIS
Starchy side dish YAM
Steam product HEAT
Steep slope ESCARP
Tavern’s "pale" pour ALE
Temporarily discounted ONSALE
Terminus END
Think piece ESSAY
Thrill ride shout WHEE
To become a prince, for Aladdin in "Aladdin" ONEWISH
Traditional Arctic abodes IGLOOS
Traveling through VIA
Treat with cocoa OREO
Try to hit SWATAT
Undecided TORN
Vocalize SING
War zone danger, for short IED
What might precede a flat SLOWLEAK
Where a herd grazes LEA
Wonka creator DAHL
Yearbook editors, usually: Abbr SRS
__ in "extraordinary" EAS
__ it (leave in a hurry) LAM