NewsDay Crossword January 16 2023

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Clues Answers
Shout scornfully at JEER
Marathon or sprint RACE
Thin in physique SLIM
West Florida city TAMPA
Teheran’s country IRAN
Voicemail signal TONE
Allow access to ADMIT
Well-mannered man GENT
Segments of plays ACTS
Seat for a surface of sand BEACHCHAIR
‘The Red Planet’ MARS
Have a meal EAT
Have on the payroll EMPLOY
Einstein of physics fame ALBERT
Notion IDEA
Timely benefit BOON
Roof overhang EAVE
__ congestion (cold symptom) NASAL
Seat that becomes a bed CONVERTIBLESOFA
Doesn’t leave STAYS
Dole (out) METE
Make a left or right TURN
Avoid an F in class PASS
Three-legged camera stand TRIPOD
Cook’s cover-up garments APRONS
Self-image EGO
Be in first place LEAD
Seat for a concert keyboard player PIANOBENCH
Kids’ blocks brand LEGO
‘Winning __ everything’ ISNT
Harsh sound BLARE
Above OVER
Hourly charge RATE
Newspaper opinion piece ESSAY
Gets married WEDS
One who stares EYER
Package of copier paper REAM
Green gemstone JADE
Actress Thompson or Stone EMMA
Long heroic tale EPIC
‘What I’d prefer . . .’ RATHER
‘That’s correct’ RIGHT
Vicinity AREA
Question asking permission CANI
Main dinner course ENTREE
Postage purchase STAMP
From your neighborhood LOCAL
Emcee’s opening speech INTRO
Needing straightening up MESSY
Bar bill, informally TAB
Provide party food CATER
Horse’s hair MANE
First-learned basics ABCS
Stolen merchandise LOOT
__ fide (genuine) BONA
Jealous feeling ENVY
Wall-climbing plants IVIES
Money owed DEBT
Bank’s cash dispensers: Abbr. ATMS
__ spumante wine ASTI
Chicken noodle or minestrone SOUP
Spherical hairdo AFRO
End a plane flight LAND
Sports cable station ESPN
Stop holding something LETGO
Have high ambitions ASPIRE
Give permission to ALLOW
Pet __ (ongoing annoyance) PEEVE
Threw a tantrum RAGED
Strong smells ODORS
Walk inside ENTER
London exclamation ISAY
Poker pot starter ANTE
Otherwise ELSE
Outer space agency NASA
Study hard CRAM
Attention-getting shout HEY


Clues Answers